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Support your immune system

A well-functioning immune system is essential for your resistance to disease. The Bulletproof Lifestyle helps to support a well-functioning immune system. The strength of the immune system depends on many factors – it depends amongst others on healthy food (and maybe some specific supplements), healthy sleep, a stress-free lifestyle and enough physical exercise. The Bulletproof Lifestyle uses a holistic approach whereby all factors that influence the immune system are taken into account.

The right nutrients

The Bulletproof Diet is part of the Bulletproof Lifestyle. Within the diet, the following principles apply: Eat low amounts of carbohydrates, a lot of high-quality fats, use Bulletproof protein fasting and limit your exposure to toxins.

The Bulletproof Diet supplies large amounts of high-quality nutrients. Vegetables are an example of a very important nutrient. The Bulletproof Diet recommends the consumption of large amounts of vegetables during lunch and dinner. Therefore, much more vegetables are consuming with the Bulletproof Diet compared to other diets. At LiveHelfi, we have some great recipes to help you with consuming all these vegetables. Not only are the recipes posted on the blog – but you can also find them in the Bulletproof Diet Book. Besides using vegetables, the recipes also use beef from grass fed animals, eggs, and healthy fats. With this combination, the Bulletproof Diet delivers all the premium quality nutrients for an optimally functioning immune system.

Bulletproof Intermitting Fasting allows for an eating interval of six hours. During the remaining 18 hours, you will fast. This helps to burn fat, prevent welfare diseases, increase your muscle mass and improve your immune system

Limiting your expose to toxins (and anti-nutrients) is an important cornerstone of the Bulletproof Diet. The “standard western diet” is loaded with anti-nutrients that negatively influence your immune system and both mental and physical performance. Examples of anti-nutrients are lectins, phytates, oxalate, mycotoxins (these are poisonous substances that are produced by mold) and histamines.

Preparation of food has great influence

The preparation of food without damaging is important to reduce inflammation in the body. Heating may be harmful to many substances. For example, omega 3 and 6 can oxidize by intense heating. Many foods can be eaten preferably raw or slightly heated, such as protein. Cooking meat prevents oxidation. It is not the most flavorful but fine for use in soups. The principle is to use more heat than is necessary. It's best to steam vegetables instead of boiling. Discard the cooking water of boiled vegetables always because there are anti-nutrients in it. BBQ is good, but avoid the searing over direct heat. The indirect method can be just as tasty and much healthier. Frying is the worst form of food preparation. Avoid the use of the microwave oven.

Supplements for optimization

Sometimes it is difficult to watch your food intake, or it might be hard to get enough nutrients in your diet because of your eat- and lifestyle pattern. In that case, supplements that improve your immune system can be a great addition. Think for example, about vitamin D3 that is produced by the exposure to the sun in spring and summertime, or the omega 3 fatty acids that you consume by eating shellfish. LiveHelfi offers supplements in the form of Vitamin D3 and Krill oil to complement the areas where your lifestyle might fall short. More supplements that complement the nutrients that you get from your diet can be found in Dave Asprey’s top ten supplements. Dave Asprey is the creator of the Bulletproof Diet.

At LiveHelfi, we also sell different supplements that specifically target the support of the immune system. An example would be whey protein powder. Whey protein increases the amount of glutathione in your body, thereby increasing resistance against contaminants, toxins, and stress. The colostrum that is added to the whey directly improves immune functioning.

High-quality sleep is necessary

Optimal sleep is an essential “ingredient” to optimize the immune system. An optimized sleep means that you spend the majority of your sleeping time in deep sleep patterns. Superficial sleep is inefficient, even if you sleep for many hours. People that sleep badly get ill more frequently and have lower levels of wakefulness during the day. With the tips of the Bulletproof lifestyle, bad sleeping patterns can be prevented or improved. Read all the tips we have to improve your sleep.

Meditate to control stress

Stress is a very negative influence on the immune system. The Bulletproof Lifestyle advises you to use meditation to control the stress levels within your life. Meditation, as an activity, doesn’t just learn you to cope with stress – it can even partially or fully dissolve stress levels. LiveHelfi also sells accessories that help to lower your stress levels. An example of an accessory would be the “Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat”. This “bed of nails” not only helps to lower stress but also improves your sleep.

Sport short with high intensity

The Bulletproof Lifestyle advises – contrary to many other visions – to do a smaller but optimal amount of physical exercise. Sports like running or strength training are too difficult to continue if they have to be done five days a week. Moreover, many people do too much physical exercise. The Bulletproof Lifestyle advises people to exercise intensely just 15 minutes a day, three to four times a week. This method doesn’t only increase your motivation, but also saves time and strengthens the immune system in the long term, by preventing overtraining.

Conclusion: The Bulletproof Lifestyle is the best choice to optimally support your immune system.