Great Lakes Wellness

Collagen Peptides
Collagen Peptides


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Great Lakes Wellness was founded in 1922 with the purpose of providing the world's best high-quality gelatin and collagen. The book published by Great Lakes Wellness in 1945, is nowadays still regarded as an important source of knowledge on collagen and gelatin. Great Lakes Wellness is continuously busy with:

  • research to the role of collagen in human diseases, such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
  • how collagen and gelatin contribute to the general health of people as a nutrient
  • how they can improve the quality of their products

Grass-fed pasture-raised cattle

Great Lakes Wellness carefully select the cattle from which the collagen and gelatin will be obtained. The cattle is kept in a traditional way in Brazil and Argentina, i.e. pasture-raised and grass-fed. The gelatin and collagen hydrolysate by Great Lakes Wellness are practically flavourless and odourless and can therefore be added to any meal or drink.