UnoCardio 1000
UnoCardio 1000


Want to Buy WHC Omega Supplements?

LiveHelfi is an official reseller of WHC in Europe.

WHC is known for producing the purest and most environmentally friendly omega supplements in the world. The company began with Jo Wyckmans, who wanted better-quality fish oil supplements.

In 1999, Jo introduced a molecularly distilled supplement rich in EPA and low in DHA. He then worked with KD Pharma to develop a pioneering eco-friendly method for extracting these oils.

A patented technology ensures that WHC's omega-3 oils have exceptionally high omega-3 levels and unique purity, with minimal environmental impact.

Each batch of oil from WHC Labs is analysed by International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) and certified with 5 stars. In doing so, WHC Labs goes far beyond international standards for heavy metals, PCBs, pesticides, and dioxins.