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Protein bars

Protein bars

As the name suggests, protein bars are a great source of protein. We at LiveHelfi ensure that our products have a positive impact on physical and mental performance. Protein bars often contain a lot of sugar on top of a high protein content. This combination only provides short-lived energy and leaves you feeling hungry. The protein bars sold by LiveHelfi have a low carb content, but they are high in fats and protein. Proteins and fats together provide long-lived energy and are very satiating! That’s why we sell the best protein bars as snacks while traveling or for recovery after an intense workout.

Do you want to buy protein bars? Make sure that the ingredients used are of the highest quality. The protein in the protein bars sold at LiveHelfi is derived from collagen hydrolysate from grass-fed cows and cashew nuts. These bars fit excellently into ketogenic, Paleo or Bulletproof diets. Be mindful that protein bars with a high-fat content can get soft in warm environments.

We also sell protein bars with vegan protein powder.