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Improving your mental performance

The Bulletproof Lifestyle if famous for its improvements in the area of mental performance. The Bulletproof lifestyle targets the things you eat and when you eat, helps you get a good night’s sleep, uses supplements that decrease the aging process and limits the amount of physical exercise to just the optimal amount.

Drink Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast

The Bulletproof diet advises to regularly fast. Fasting has major benefits for mental clarity. The Bulletproof Diet views a breakfast consisting of Bulletproof Coffee as a form of fasting because no protein or carbohydrates are consumed. The Bulletproof Coffee recipe consists of Upgraded Coffee beans, butter from grass fed cows and XCT- or Brain Octane Oil. These ingredients are mixed inside a blender to create the most amazingly tasting and healthy coffee.

Bulletproof coffee causes you to achieve enormous mental clarity without the usual hunger that is accompanied with fasting. When you get used to the Bulletproof fasting, you can try different fasting variations. An example would be a form of intermitting fasting whereby you periodically consume no food at all. Fasting without food can cause even greater improvements in mental clarity in the long term.

The best time of the day to consume Bulletproof Coffee is in the morning. We don’t advise to consume Bulletproof Coffee in the late afternoon or evening because it can disrupt sleep patterns – causing a decrease in your mental performance during the next day. A good sleep is also the basis for a good daytime performance. You can optimize everything in the areas of physical exercise and diet, but if your sleep lacks quality, the eventual outcome will be sub-par.

Avoid toxic substances

The advantage of the high-quality upgraded coffee beans is that they supply long-term stable mental energy. Upgraded Coffee has a much lower amount of toxins and mold compared to conventional coffee beans. Therefore conventional coffee beans produce a much lower amount of mental clarity. Furthermore, conventional coffee also causes a crash while the Upgraded coffee beans don’t. The Bulletproof Coffee recipe also contains the aforementioned butter of grass fed cows and XCT or Brain Octane Oil. These fats suppress feelings of hunger but also supply the brain with much-needed nutrients for optimal mental performance. These fats, therefore, improve mental performance in different ways.

As the example of the coffee shows, the Bulletproof diet tries to avoid as many toxins as possible, because they can reduce the mental performance. The Bulletproof diet recommends avoiding gluten as much as possible. Other products that should be avoided are cereals, dairy products such as yogurt and pasteurized milk, sugar, soda, artificial flavor additives and incorrect preservatives. If you avoid these, you will notice that your mental performance will improve. Some people do tolerate dairy products well. They can eat raw milk or yogurt. However, cheese is not recommended because of the high risk of mold.

Supplements for memory and focus

The Bulletproof lifestyle advises targeted supplementation to increase mental performance. Examples of supplements would be CILTEP and Smart Caffeine. CILTEP and Smart Caffeine both increase concentration. We also offer supplements that increase your memory like magnesium and zinc. A final example would be Bulletproof Unfair Advantage – this product increases your energy levels and gives mental clarity.

These supplements are recommended for every student, employee, and entrepreneur that needs mental performance. The specific benefit of supplements is that they increase mental performance immediately after taking them. Hence, the supplements are the quickest way to get results. For the best long-term results, however, we recommend not only to use supplements and also advise to try other aspects of the Bulletproof lifestyle, like the diet.

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