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Easy weight control

The Bulletproof lifestyle guarantees that you effortlessly reach and keep your ideal body weight. The Bulletproof lifestyle aims at the time that you eat, a good night’s sleep, using the right supplements and limited physical training.

The Bulletproof Diet is a component of the Bulletproof Lifestyle. Within the diet, the following principles apply: Limit your carbohydrate intake, eat a lot of fat, and use Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting.

The Bulletproof Diet is a cyclical ketogenic diet

The Bulletproof Diet is very different than other diets. It’s a low carb diet, and more specifically, a cyclic ketogenic diet. A Cyclical ketogenic means that you spend most of your week in a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic-pattern that is activated when no carbohydrates are present in your muscle tissue. When carbohydrates are absent from muscle tissue, your body will produce ketone bodies. The body uses either body fat or consumed fats to create these ketones for energy production. Hence, the Bulletproof diet directly stimulates your bodies fat burning capacity.

A ketogenic diet has multiple other benefits when compared to other diets. With a ketogenic diet, there will be no fluctuations in your blood sugar. This will eventually eliminate all desires for sugars and junk food. Therefore, the diet is easier to maintain and cost a lower amount of willpower than other diets.

Once or twice a week, the Bulletproof diet allows for the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates. This is called a “refeed”. The carbohydrates consumed during the refeed will mainly be stored in the liver and muscles, and will also cause different important hormones, which are important to fat loss, to be “reset”. After a weekly or bi-weekly refeed your body will burn body fat faster and more efficiently. Hence, the Bulletproof diet optimizes the hormones that lie at the basis of the fat burning process.

Another benefit of the Bulletproof diet is that you consume large amounts of high-quality fats. The high-quality fats will give you a satisfied and saturated feeling, stable long-term energy and even improve your fat burning. These high-quality fats are often missing in other diets. XCT oil and Brain Octane Oil are examples of high-quality fats. These high-quality fats not only make reaching your ideal weight an effortless process but by consuming them, they also give hours of stable physical and mental energy.

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting for fat burning and repair

Bulletproof Intermitting Fasting allows for an eating interval of six hours. During the remaining 18 hours, you will fast. This helps to burn fat, prevent welfare diseases, increase your muscle mass and improve your immune system. The easiest way to use Intermitting Fasting is to skip breakfast. For most people, skipping breakfast will be a difficult thing to do. Therefore, the Bulletproof Intermitting Fasting protocol allows you to drink Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast. Bulletproof Coffee will allow your body to remain in its “state of fasting” while simultaneously preventing you from being hungry. Bulletproof Coffee is a mix of Upgraded coffee beans with butter of grass fed cows and either XCT Oil or Brain Octane Oil.

Many users of the Bulletproof diet use the Bulletproof Coffee recipe in the morning. For lunch and dinner, they eat high-quality proteins, vegetables, and fats. The emphasis upon high-quality food sources not only makes the diet very easy to maintain in the long term, but it also causes the diet to be very healthy. Therefore, the diet almost costs no willpower to maintain.

Bulletproof Protein Fasting for cleansing your cells

The Bulletproof diet recommends eating one day a week up to 15 grams of protein. Less is difficult because there are also many vegetable proteins. A drastic reduction in protein intake leads to autophagy. Autophagy is a situation where your body is going to burn waste in your cells for energy. It is, in fact, a natural cleansing process. The easiest way is to combine the protein fasting with a carbohydrate refeed day. For many people, Bulletproof Protein Fasting helps to reach a new plateau of weight loss.

Avoidance of anti-nutrients

Many foods contain hidden anti-nutrients that could have a big impact on your health. This can cause a chronic inflammatory reaction. They cause irritation in the intestines by which the immune system is triggered. Or they affect the detoxification and recovery system of the body. They play a larger role in how you feel than you think. The aim is to reduce the immune response by eating less food with anti-nutrients and avoiding food that triggers your immune system. Everyone is familiar with the most obvious toxic substances such as preservatives, dyes, and pesticides. Less known are the anti-nutrients in plants that help protect them against the consumption by animals. The most common are lectins, phytates, oxalates and fungi (mycotoxins). Lectins are found in the nightshade family such as tomato, eggplant, peppers, and potatoes. Some people are more sensitive to them than others. Phytates are found in grains, nuts, and seeds. Oxalates come to include in kale, spinach, pepper and amaranth. The Bullet Proof Diet Roadmap lists that foods are best avoided and which ones you better test to determine if you are sensitive to them. In the Bullet Proof Diet Book, you will find much more information about anti-nutrients and why they are bad for you. A poorly functioning immune system can make it hard to lose weight or even impossible!

Supplements for further optimization

In addition to the Bulletproof diet, supplements can facilitate reaching your goals in many areas, when the application of the Bulletproof diet within your daily life becomes difficult. Supplements can also help to ease the journey to reach your ideal bodyweight. 

High-quality sleep is a precondition for weight loss

A good night’s sleep lies at the basis of an optimally functioning body. You can try all kinds of things with food and sports, but if your nightly recovery isn’t optimal, the result will not be the best. We have written several articles with tips to improve your sleep. These tips relate to the time at which you eat, specific supplements to improve your sleep and tools that can help you to relax, like the Sleep Induction Mat.

Train short but hard

The idea behind the Bulletproof lifestyle is to reach a state in which you feel good and have a lot of energy while at the same time spending as little time as possible on training. Strength training is the best form of physical exercise. Strength training improves testosterone and growth hormone (HGH) levels within the body, increases your muscle mass and insulin sensitivity and increases your metabolism. HGH improves your performance and slows down aging. The more muscle mass you have, and the better your insulin sensitivity is, and the easier it gets to burn body fat. When the body’s metabolism functions optimally, your body’s ability to convert nutrients (calories) into energy is increased. Testosterone improves your muscle mass, strength, libido, memory and helps prevent bone loss and heart disease. You can switch between strength training and High-Intensity Interval Training. For an amateur athlete, it is sufficient to attend a schedule of one week of strength training followed by one week of interval training. The bottom-line time investment amounts to just four times of 15 minutes a month.