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The Bulletproof Lifestyle is alluring for everyone because of the great advantages it offers in the area of anti-aging. The lifestyle encompasses more than just a diet – your environment and the technology that you use are also important factors that influence the aging process. To influence as many aging factors, the Bulletproof lifestyle uses a holistic approach. The lifestyle targets the things you eat, helps you get a good night’s sleep, uses supplements that decrease the aging process and limits the amount of physical exercise to just the optimal amount.

The Bulletproof Diet is part of the Bulletproof Lifestyle. Within the diet, the following principles apply: Eat low amounts of carbohydrates, a lot of high-quality fats and use Bulletproof protein fasting.

Optimize your hormones

The Bulletproof Diet has an anti-aging effect because it optimizes hormones within the human body. Some hormones that are influenced by the Bulletproof Diet are testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol. These hormones have a major effect on the amounts of stress that are experienced within daily life, your energy levels, your wakefulness, your mood within your daily life, your bodily strength and even your mental performance and clarity. Optimizing these hormones not only causes you to perform at your very best every single day but also increases your physical exercise capacity and creates greater mental clarity. These hormones can even help you live to a higher age.

Autophagy helps to renew cells

During the Bulletproof protein fasting, you’ll eat less than 15 grams of protein, once a week. Bulletproof protein fasting stimulates autophagy. Autophagy is a process whereby your cells clean toxins and debris from your cells and convert them to energy. It helps you to stay young.

Cold therapy to increase the mitochondria

Cold therapy and light filters for electronic devices are other examples of how we tackle aging. Examples of applications of cold therapy are cold showers and ice baths. Wim Hof became famous with applying these. Cold showers and ice baths can decrease the inflammatory processes that lie at the heart of the aging process. Cold therapy also causes cells to increase its amount of “energy factories”. These “energy factories” are called mitochondria. We get decreased amounts of mitochondria when we age. Cold therapy can slow this process.

High-quality sleep is a precondition

The Bulletproof Lifestyle considers sleep as an important factor to slow the aging process. You can improve your sleep by limiting the amount of blue light expose that is caused by electronic devices. Blue light influences your day and night rhythms. For more information, read the LiveHelfi sleep tips.

Supplements to complement deficiencies

The Bulletproof lifestyle gives the advice to use targeted supplementation in the area of anti-aging. An example of this targeted supplementation would be the “Bulletproof Upgraded Aging” formula. The Bulletproof Upgraded Aging formula causes the body and brain to protect itself against toxins that are present in the environment and the body itself. The supplement also protects the mitochondria, the “energy factories” that were mentioned before. Finally, the Bulletproof Aging Formula also influences the aging hormones in a positive way.

Strength training in combination with High-Intensity Interval Training

The Bulletproof Lifestyle advises a combination of strength training and High-Intensity Interval Training. Strength training improves testosterone and growth hormone (HGH) levels within the body, increases your muscle mass and insulin sensitivity and increases your metabolism. Testosterone improves your muscle mass, strength, libido, memory and helps prevent bone loss and heart disease. HGH improves your performance and slows down aging. When the body’s metabolism functions optimally, your body’s ability to convert nutrients (calories) into energy is increased. The better your insulin sensitivity, the easier it gets to burn body fat. You can switch between strength training and High-Intensity Interval Training. High-Intensity Interval Training improves your lung function and stimulates HGH production. The idea behind the Bulletproof lifestyle is to reach a state in which you feel good and have a lot of energy while at the same time spending as little time as possible on strength training. The bottom-line time investment comes to a total of just 4 times of 15 minutes a month.

As you can see, the Bulletproof Lifestyle uses a unique holistic approach to slow down the aging process. That approach uses hormonal optimization by influencing the diet, training, lifestyle advice and the way you use technological devices in your daily life. Even premium quality supplements are taken into account to decrease the aging process!