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    Benefits of Ghee Ghee contains a rich diversity of good fatty acids. It is rich in butyric acid, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and Omega 3. In ad...

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Ghee is also known as clarified butter. Ghee is made by melting butter and then separating the butterfat from the milk proteins. Ghee butter therefore only contains the milk fats. For some people, milk proteins and milk sugars (such as lactose) cause problems, so they should avoid butter. Ghee has all the benefits of butter without the drawbacks of potentially non-tolerated milk proteins and sugars. In ghee butter, all fat-soluble vitamins from butter are also concentrated. Ghee is best kept at room temperature. It has a very long shelf life because it contains only fat. Clarified butter is very suitable for baking, because it is very stable when heated.

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Then pay attention to the following. The quality of the milk is of great importance for the quality of the ghee butter that is made with it. The best milk comes from cows that have eaten a lot of grass and been able to graze themselves. LiveHelfi therefore only sells ghee made with the milk of such cows. That is why you can always buy the best ghee at LiveHelfi.