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Buying concentration pills? You don’t have to!

Buying concentration pills? You don’t have to!

Do you also have trouble concentrating sometimes? Are you considering getting pills or supplements to improve this? Most people have trouble concentrating now and then. You don't need drugs to concentrate well. There are many solutions you can try right now for free!

Do you have trouble concentrating sometimes?

Does this sound familiar to you: your workplace is chaotic; every Facebook message and email distracts you; it seems like you get nothing done; you're easily annoyed; you need to read the same sentence four times to understand it.

These are all problems that you can solve with improved concentration. And it's actually quite simple to improve concentration without taking pills. You just need to know the right tricks.

Resolving bad concentration

Concentration is affected by many different factors. For instance, food, exercise, sleep, and light all influence your concentration. This makes it a bit tricky to find the cause of poor concentration, but also provides a lot of solutions.
Here is a small taste of a few simple and free solutions to bad concentration.

Concentration and sleep

Sleep is incredibly important for a healthy brain and a healthy brain is needed for good concentration. By going to bed on time every night, you'll be able to improve your concentration quickly and easily. After a good night's rest, it will be easier to study and concentrate. Have a look at this blog post on how to improve your concentration using sleep.

Light and concentration

Light is present all around us and crucial for the calibration of our day-night cycle. Different types of light affect us differently. For instance, blue light from screens and bright, artificial lights can disrupt sleep and concentration. Sunlight, on the other hand, is quite healthy: it helps calibrate your internal clock and is needed for the production of vitamin D! Here you'll read more about how sunlight affects your concentration.

Meditation and concentration

Meditation is rising in popularity and isn't just a new-age occupation anymore. Mediation is a type of brain training and helps you deal with stress. This also improves your concentration and allows you to work a lot more calmly. Less stress also benefits sleep, which in turn contributes to concentration. You can quickly start meditating with this simple meditation exercise.

Would you like to know more?

This is just a handful of the tips LiveHelfi has compiled about how to improve your concentration for free, without taking any pills. In our free e-book, we tell you why your concentration suffers sometimes and 8 tools that you can use to improve it. 

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