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Improve concentration by using the sun

Improve concentration by using the sun

Do you also experience those days where it's sunny outside and your working inside, but can't concentrate at all? Does this make a little unhappy, too? You instinctively know the solution to both problems: by spending some time outside in the sun!

What sunlight does for concentration

Sunlight has an incredible impact on your health. Most people are aware of the damaging effects of UV exposure, but have never heard that we also need UV radiation for optimal health and concentration.

When the body exposed to UV-A light, it makes hormones and neurotransmitters that contribute to good mood, motivation, and sleep. Sleep also contributes a lot to general health and concentration.

Exposure of the skin to UV-B light promotes the production of vitamin D by the body. Vitamin D is an extremely important hormone with over 3.000 different functions! It is very important for good concentration as such.

Doesn't sunlight cause cancer?

It certainly does, when you expose yourself way too long at the height of the day! UV light causes damage, but at a proper dose, the body is also perfectly capable of repairing that damage. On top of that, sunlight can also be protective, since having enough vitamin D reduces your risk of cancer. Proper hormone and sleep regulation also reduce cancer risk. Therefore, as long as you don't spend hours baking on the beach, you won't have to worry about skin cancer by enjoying the sun for an hour here or there.

Some light is better than no light!

You might think: "I will never be able to get enough sunlight! It is almost always cloudy where I live!". It's probably not as bad as you think when you look at how many people are investing in solar panels. Most people only focus on the negatives, but there are probably plenty of sunny days, even during winter months.

Most sunlight will come in the summer months, of course. Luckily, your body can store vitamin D for later. You should be able to stock up on enough vitamin D during the summer to get yourself through the winter months.

Catch some sunlight whenever possible

Try to catch some sunlight whenever you can get it. Do you have a nice day during fall? Then go outside during your break. Roll up your sleeves to expose more skin to the sun. Do you feel a bit down and is the weather nice? Take a short walk to increase your good-mood hormones and neurotransmitters. This will let you get back to work refreshed and recharged.

Do you also want improved concentration on cloudy days? In our e-book, we give you 8 tools to improve your concentration every day!

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