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Alitura Naturals Skin Care available at Helfi

Alitura Naturals Skin Care available at Helfi


Alitura Naturals: love at first sight

Andy Hnilo is the creator of the Alitura Naturals brand. He is a biohacker, actor, and model. I met him at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference in October 2015. He told with devotion how he developed his skincare products and the ingredients he sourced from all over the world. I tested the day cream, night cream and clay mask myself on the same day and was so excited that I immediately decided to add the entire line to the Helfi range. I have been using the products for a few weeks now and my skin has never felt so good. Even eczema on my face disappeared.

The development of Alitura Naturals

Several years ago Andy Hnilo had a serious car accident. He sat at home to recover and had all the time to investigate all possibilities to support his recovery with nutrition. The knowledge he gained thereby he applied to the development of his own skincare line.

His goal was a completely natural skin care using only the finest ingredients. Before that, he uses herbs, oils and butters from around the world. Many ingredients come for example from the Amazon. Every time he tested himself the effect of a specific ingredient on his own skin. From his perspective "as it works for me, why should it not work for others?" he had to try the result by his friends and their friends. Their experiences he processed again in improvements to its skincare line. So it is truly a skincare line from a biohacker!

Alitura Naturals fits perfectly with our range

The ambition of Helfi is to sell only products of the highest quality. Contrary to much cheaper skin care products which often use different kinds of chemical additives and fillers.

All the ingredients of Alitura Naturals are natural and of the highest quality. Andy Hnilo visited each supplier of the 26 ingredients themselves to assess personally that they offered the best quality. The packaging of the product is made of Miron glass that has been developed in the Netherlands, and that protects the content against harmful radiation from outside.

Andy Hnilo applies the same philosophy to the quality and origin of its ingredients, as Bulletproof and Natural Stacks. His skincare line, therefore, fits perfectly into our range. We sell his complete line that includes a day cream, night cream and clay mask. This line is suitable for both men and women.

Want to know more?

Watch the interview with Andy Hnilo about his accident and his vision and approach to the development of its skincare line Alitura Naturals.

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