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Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch

Redmond Real Salt Fine Pouch is a refill pouch containing ancient sea salt from Utah (Real Salt). Real Salt is unprocessed and untouched by modern pollution. Contains 60+ naturally occurring minerals. Pouch with 737 g of fine salt.

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Redmond Real Salt Fine Pouch

  • Unprocessed ancient mineral sea salt
  • Contains 60+ naturally occurring trace minerals
  • Extracted in Utah, United States
  • Fine salt, suitable as a substitute for table salt
  • Bag to refill your salt shaker

Ancient sea salt with natural minerals

Salt is a necessary part of our diet. Salt contains sodium and chloride, two essential substances for our health. It is also a common seasoning in food. If you cook for yourself, you almost always use salt, even in sweet dishes.

Not affected by modern pollution

You can choose from different types of salt. Table salt is simple sodium chloride, sometimes with iodine, and often with an emulsifier to prevent it from forming lumps. Sea salt is extracted from seawater and thus contains other minerals besides sodium. It can also contain contaminants that occur in today's seawater.

Finally, you have old sea salt from sea salt deposits in places where there used to be a sea. This salt also contains trace minerals, but is free of the contaminants of modern times. Redmond Real Salt falls into this category.

60+ trace minerals impart a subtly sweet taste

The minerals in old sea salt contribute to our needs. They also give Real Salt a subtly sweet taste compared to table salt.

Not all minerals in Real Salt dissolve in water. Sediment or small grains of natural minerals may remain. These can be eaten as normal and are bioavailable as such.

Ancient sea salt from Utah

A well-known form of old sea salt is Himalayan salt. This is mined mainly in Pakistan in various mines. Its quality and composition is therefore difficult to determine.

Real Salt comes from an old sea salt mine in Utah, USA. They regularly measure the composition and purity of their salt. So you are assured of unprocessed, high-quality salt.

Versatile fine sea salt

Redmond Real Salt Fine is finely ground, making it perfect as a general salt for the kitchen and table. Use it in dishes and as a seasoning as you would use normal salt.

Available in a salt shaker or bag

Redmond Real Salt Fine is available in a salt shaker of 135 or 284 g and a (refill) bag of 737 g.

Ingredients & Usage

Use instead of table salt as seasoning of food.

One package of Redmond Real Salt Fine Pouch contains 737 g.

Ancient sea salt

Allergy information
No allergens listed

Store dry, cool and away from light.


  • Do not use if outer seal is broken or damaged.

Made in the United States.

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