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Peak performers

To operate at your peak performance, both your body and mind need to be in top condition. You can attain this by making lifestyle adjustments, such as taking the right supplements, which can provide great benefits. We differentiate between nootropics and supplements supporting exercise.

Nootropics consist of natural ingredients that support brain function. Their purpose is to help you learn more effectively, improve your memory, increase your focus, and provide consistent energy. We only sell nootropics with ingredients that are permitted (considered safe) in Europe. The most extensive and comprehensive nootropic we offer is Qualia Mind, made by the Neurohackers Collective. It contains 27 ingredients that work synergistically to provide mental peak performance. We also offer stacks from BrainEffect and Natural Stacks. Naturally, we also sell the complete collection of Bulletproof nootropics.

For optimal performance during (strength)training, we have made a selection of products that support you during training and the recovery afterwards. BCAAs and Biocreatine are taken before or during training to enable muscle tissue to bear the maximum training load. Whey protein or vegetable protein aid in recovery after training and in (re)building muscle tissue. For this purpose, we have created a special Gym stack. The stack consists of Natural Stacks products: Whey protein and Collagen for muscle building and recovery, Biocreatine for muscle growth, BCAAs for endurance during exercise, and Smart Caffeine for alertness without overstimulation.