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Pure Coffee Medium Roast Whole Beans 250g

NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Beans is single estate Arabica Bourbon Specialty coffee from Brazil. Medium roast for flavours of nuts, dark chocolate and maple syrup. Lab-tested free of mycotoxins. Whole beans. Can of 250 g.

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NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Beans

  • Single estate specialty coffee from Brazil, Notre Pioneiro region
  • 100% Arabica coffee, Bourbon variety
  • Processing via Ethiopian style fermentation
  • Ecological and toxin-free production
  • Lab-tested free of mycotoxins
  • Cupping score of 88.5 - Excellent specialty coffee
  • Medium roast, with flavour notes of nuts, dark chocolate and maple syrup
  • Whole beans for grinding at home to your liking

NoordCode Pure Coffee: excellent specialty coffee

NoordCode Pure Coffee is single origin Arabica Bourbon coffee from Brazil. The coffee comes from the Notre Pioneiro region of farm California. It is processed with Ethiopian-style fermentation.

The coffee is slow roasted in Slovakia to bring out its unique flavours. This produces a consistent, pleasant coffee with a cupping score of 88.5.

The coffee is independently tested for and free of mycotoxins. NoordCode Pure Coffee is a delicious coffee you can enjoy completely.

Qualities of Specialty coffee

Specialty coffee is at the top of the coffee category through selection for excellence in flavour. Coffee, like wine, acquires a unique flavour from its 'terrior' (the environment in which it grows). Specialty coffee comes from one region (single origin) or even one farm (single estate). With specialty coffee, you can find truly special coffees, which cannot be compared to generic coffee from the supermarket or big coffee chains.

The entire production process is geared towards making the best-tasting coffee. Think about the variety of the coffee plant, fermentation method of the coffee berry and the roasting degree of the beans.

Coffee farmers get a good price for this labour-intensive coffee production. This allows the farmer to pay more attention to sustainable farming and good working conditions. And you get a unique cup of coffee with an exceptionally good taste, which you can enjoy with peace of mind.

Single estate coffee from Brazil, Notre Pioneiro

NoordCode Pure Coffee comes from the Notre Pioneiro region in Brazil. This area has a unique microclimate with cool winters and four seasons. As a result, the coffee develops more slowly, leading to more flavour development.

Farm California

NoordCode Pure Coffee comes from farm California. This makes it a single estate coffee: coming from one farm. Farmer Flávia Rodrigues grows several varieties of coffee here with her family. The farm uses regenerative agriculture to enrich the soil and enable the long-term cultivation of coffee.

Arabica coffee, Bourbon varietal

Coffee plants come in several species, such as Arabica and Robusta. Within the species there are different variants (varieties), just like you have different grapes for wine. Varieties differ in which climate they grow well, how disease-resistant they are and what flavours they produce.

NoordCode Pure Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee from the Bourbon variety. Bourbon Arabica is known for the deep notes of chocolate and nuances of sweet and fruit it can produce. Bourbon Arabica coffees often score high in cupping scores and are well represented within speciality coffees.

Ethiopian style fermentation

NoordCode Pure Coffee is processed with Ethiopian style fermentation. The beans are separated from the pulp and washed. The coffee beans then ferment under water to loosen the remaining pulp. This produces a clean, clear cup of coffee.

Slow roasting for unique flavours

The roast degree determines which flavours of the coffee can be tasted. Light roasting creates sour, sweet and fruit flavours. Medium roasting reduces this sweet-sourness and creates caramel and nut flavours. Dark roasting creates a lot of bitter flavours that are roughly the same for all coffees. Specialty coffee is often light to medium roasted, allowing you to taste the unique flavours of its origin.

An experienced coffee roaster in Slovakia roasts the coffee using the slow method, which roasts the coffee to a precise point. The roaster thus manages to bring out the characteristic flavours of the coffee. This gives a consistent cup where the unique flavour notes come into their own.

Cupping score 88.5: Excellent specialty coffee

Cupping is a standardised test to determine the quality of coffee. The test assesses the overall balance and individual flavour elements of the coffee. Each of the 10 elements scores from 1 to 10, for a maximum score of 100 points. Coffees with 80 points or more fall within the category of Specialty coffees.

NoordCode Pure Coffee scores 88.5 points in the cupping test. This puts it in the excellent specialty coffee category.

Tested for mycotoxins

NoordCode Pure Coffee has been tested free of aflatoxins and moulds. European permitted levels of mould (toxins) on coffee are already much stricter than in the US, for example. In addition, the independent test assures you that your cup of coffee is truly mycotoxin-free.

Medium roast: nuts, dark chocolate and maple syrup

NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast has flavour notes of nuts, dark chocolate and maple syrup.

You can grind the beans in the way most suited to your preferred brewing method.

Variants of NoordCode Pure Coffee

NoordCode Coffee is available in different roasts, as whole beans or ground.

NoordCode food products: high-quality and functional

NoordCode is a Dutch producer of high-quality, functional nutrition and supplements. NoordCode's nutritional products are chosen for their high quality, outstanding nutritional value and functional properties. They are excellent in taste and from the best possible sources. This can be organic farming or grass-fed cattle, just as applicable. Every product is lab-tested for purity and absence of undesirable substances, such as mycotoxins and heavy metals.

Recommended use

Grind the beans as best suited to the way you make coffee. Further prepare the coffee as you like to make it.

One package of NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Beans contains 250 g.

Product Facts

Coffee information
Coffee type: Arabica Bourbon
Processing: Ethiopian style fermentation
Roast: medium roast
Flavour notes: nuts, dark chocolate and maple syrup

Country: Brazil
Region: Norte Pioneiro
Farm: California
Farmer: Flávia Rodrigues

100% Arabica coffee beans.

Allergy information:
No allergens listed

Store dry, cool, and away from light.


  • Do not use if outer seal is broken or damaged.

Roasted in: Slovakia

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