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Qualia Night


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The Neurohacker Collective makes high-quality nootropics that support all aspects of mental performance, such as concentration, memory, mental clarity and willpower.

The most well-known supplements of the Neurohacker Collective are Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus. Qualia Mind is a complete nootropic with herbs, extracts and other natural compounds that support mental performance as a whole. Qualia Mind is also as God pill. Qualia Focus is specifically designed for concentration. It contains a smaller selection of ingredients and is therefore cheaper.

The Neurohacker Collective approaches the brain and mental performance as a complex system consisting of components that work together closely. By improving all parts of the system, a greater improvement in mental performance is possible.

The Qualia supplements only contain ingredients that have a proven effect on your mental capabilities. The formulation takes the best forms, proportions and interaction of the ingredients into account.

The Qualia nootropics contain carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality and efficacy. If several forms of a compound are available, only the most potent variant is used. The Neurohacker Collective has both the individual ingredients and the complete supplement tested for purity and composition, so you get exactly what is listed on the label.