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How to apply the best tips for better sleep

How to apply the best tips for better sleep


24 tips to improve sleep

We have written four articles about how to improve your sleep

Tips 1-6 for sleep improvement can be found in blog post How to sleep better part 1.

Sleep improvement tips 7-12 can be found in blog post The best tips for better sleep part 2.

Sleep improvement tips 13-18 can be found in blog post Best tips how to sleep better part 3.

Sleep tip 19-24 can be read in Sleep better part 4.

How can you apply the 24 best sleep improvement tips?

Readers might question how they can apply these 24 tips. Within this article all tips will be ordered, and a strategy that is based upon individual costs and circumstances will be given. The goal is to give three different categories of tips.

The first category consists of tips that are prerequisites for optimal sleep quality. Without applying the tips from this category, an optimal sleep is not possible. The advantage of these tips, is that they don’t cost a lot of money. Some tips are even free in some instances! The second category consists of tips that are relatively cheap to apply. These tips will still have very large effects. The third and last category contains tips that are more expensive to apply, and that are recommended to people that really want to maximize their sleep quality.

Always use common sense when applying these tips. Use the prescribed dosages, and research the ingredients for yourself before you put them into your body or decide to use them. With these tips you have got a powerful weapon to optimize your sleep. Individual tips do not conflict with each other. In theory one could, possibly, apply all 24 tips at the same time, but this will be pricey. Some individual tips, like phenibut, GABAwave or Huperzine-A do carry some risks. When tips have risks, this is mentioned within the information for that specific tip.

Every life, and every individual situation differs. A night shift worker will have a hard time to apply tip 1 (avoiding blue light during the evening and night). To compensate for the blue light, and to control the damage of the night shifts, it is recommended to apply the other tips from category 1 in a stricter sense. It is also recommended to use more tips from categories 2 and 3, in order to create the best sleep as possible

Someone working construction, that spends a lot of time outside In the sun, and has an environment without a lot of EMF, has a very different situation. When he/she also spends their evenings outdoors, instead of in front of the television, the situation gets even better. This person already applies most of the tips within category 1, whether this is done consciously or subconsciously. For that reason, this person needs to apply tips from category 2 and 3 with far less frequency. However, if this construction worker decides that he/she wants to reach the Olympics, then the tips within category 2 and 3 will be needed to a far greater extend to optimize sleep quality, energy and daytime performance.

Helfi cannot give you a black or white strategy about what tips have to be apply by how at what time. The reason, as stated before, is that every individual situation differs. Helfi wishes everyone a perfect night’s sleep by using these tips!

Sleep tips Category 1:

Without applying these tips, optimal sleep is not possible. This doesn’t mean that sleep itself is impossible, but that the quality will not be optimal. The tips from category 1 are in some sense necessary conditions for getting a good night’s sleep.

Category 1 consists of:

Tip 1: Avoiding blue light during evening hours

Tip 2: Magnesium


Tip 11: Limiting EMF in the environment


Tip 15: Vitamin D3 (through sunlight)


Tip 20: Light therapy with blue or white light


Tip 24: Avoiding caffeine during the evening and night



Sleep tips Category 2:

The tips within Category 2 consists of some supplements that are applicable either at a very low cost, or freely, but that have a great impact at sleep quality. All tips within Category have a maximal cost of 25-35 euro for each calendar year.

Category 2 consists of:

Tip 3: Zinc

Tip 4: B-vitamins


Tip 5: Taurine


Tip 6: Tryptophan


Tip 7: GABA powder


Tip 10: Bone Broth or Gelatin


Tip 14: Cold Therapy


Tip 15: Vitamin D3 (by using supplements during winter time)


Tip 16: Meditation


Tip 19: Using honey before bedtime


Tip 22: Valerian


Tip 23: Passionflower



Sleep tips Category 3:

Category 3 contains tips that are more expensive to apply, and consist of both nutrients and supplements. They cost more to apply, on a yearly basis, compared to Category 2. These tips are recommended for the advanced biohacker or someone that really wants to maximize their sleep quality.

Category 3 consists of:

Tip 6: 5-HTP


Tip 7: GABA-wave


Tip 8: The Bulletproof Slaap Induction Mat


Tip 9: Collagen protein


Tip 12: Whey protein


Tip 13: PQQ


Tip 16: Phosphatidylserine


Tip 18: Huperzine A


Tip 23: DHA


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