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Bulletproof Paleo recipes for breakfast and more

Bulletproof Paleo recipes for breakfast and more


Bulletproof Recipes for Coffee, Breakfast, Snacks, and More

When you first begin the Bulletproof Diet, it may look like the list of foods you can’t eat is longer than the list of foods you can. You may wonder if you’ll get tired of eating eggs and beef every day! But don’t worry – there are actually lots of foods you can and should be eating and tons of recipes to keep your daily menus varied and delicious.

And keep in mind that a large portion of the banned foods aren’t even real foods – they’re junk foods made up chemicals, refined carbs, and sugar. Not exactly the stuff effective biohacking is made of!

All of these recipes come from Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Diet website.

Bulletproof Coffee

What Bulletproof recipe list would be complete without Bulletproof Coffee? Here’s how to make the perfect cup.

1. Brew one or two cups of Upgraded Coffee using filtered water.

2. Stir in a pat or two of grass-fed, unsalted butter and one-two tablespoons of Brain Octane or MCT Oil.

3. Mix it all in a blender about 20 seconds until frothy and foamy.

4. Get ready for a great morning!

Remember that the specific ingredients listed here are key. Regular butter and coffee will not give you the same physical or mental results as grass-fed butter and low-toxin coffee. You can also add Upgraded Whey Protein or Upgraded Collagen Protein to this coffee for a muscle-building protein punch.

Salad Dressing

Salads are easy go-to Bulletproof meals, but the salad dressings sitting on the shelf at your local supermarket definitely don’t cut it. Fortunately there are several great recipes for delicious dressings that won’t compromise your health goals one bit. Here are a couple:

Bulletproof Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/8 cup Brain Octane
  • 3 Tbsp. organic mustard
  • 2 Tbsp. raw honey (or xylitol)

Blend together and enjoy.

Bulletproof Ranch Dressing

  • 1 cup Bulletproof Mayo (recipe follows)
  • 2 Tbsp. fresh dill, chopped
  • 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced together with sea salt
  • Salt and pepper

Blend ingredients together and chill for a few hours before serving.

Bulletproof Mayonnaise

  • 1 large egg
  • 3/4 cup extra light olive oil
  • 1/4 cup Brain Octane
  • 2-3 tsp. freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice
  • Pinch of salt
  • Fresh herbs to taste (optional)

Place all ingredients in a bowl and let the egg sink to the bottom. Using an immersion blender, blend ingredients together until mayonnaise it at the consistency you want. If needed, add a little avocado or another egg yolk if it won’t emulsify.

Bulletproof Guacamole

One of the best things about the Bulletproof Diet is that it encourages consumption of avocados! It’s a good thing that avocados are so healthy because those who love them know what a hardship it would be to live without them.

Avocados have lots of good fat and nutrients such as potassium, B vitamins, vitamin E, and more. Avocadoes are great for Bulletproofers because not eating enough fat is one of the most common mistakes people make on the diet.

In addition, avocados are one of those foods you don’t necessarily need to buy organic. The thick peel helps keep pesticides from entering the fruit. Avocados also inhibit oral cancer, promote liver health, and more.

This guacamole recipe will keep you full and is unbelievably tasty! Try it on grass-fed meats, sushi, or salads.

  • 4 large ripe Hass avocados, peeled
  • 2-4 Tbsp. Brain Octane or Upgraded XCT Oil (this is one place coconut oil won’t work)
  • 2 or more tsp. Himalayan salt
  • 1 Tbsp. dried organic oregano
  • 1-3 tsp. apple cider vinegar

Blend all ingredients together with hand blender until very creamy. If you’d like, stir in some chopped cilantro or other desired fresh herbs.

Bulletproof Sushi (No Cooking Required!)

This “recipe” uses premade sushi, the kind you can grab at the supermarket or even order in a restaurant. You can (and should) still enjoy it – you just need to follow a few easy steps to make it bulletproof.

1. Buy sushi without mayonnaise or other sauces.

2. Remove some, most, or all of the excess rice. A little rice is okay, but some products have a lot because this allows the manufacturer to use less fish.

3. Drizzle Brain Octane or MCT Oil into the sushi.

4. If you’ve got any Bulletproof Guacamole on hand, add a dollop of that!

5. Sprinkle pink Himalayan salt on top.

Now you’ve gone from low-fat sushi to sushi that’s high in healthy fat and absolutely Bulletproof. You can, of course, use these steps to Upgrade sushi you make yourself at home, too.

Bulletproof Chili

Maybe you can’t eat macaroni and cheese and still feel great and be healthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy comfort foods on cold winter nights, or anytime you want a warm, filling meal. Make a great big pot of this delicious chili and take a break from cooking for the next few days – the chili’s even better left over.

  • 1 Tbsp. Upgraded XCT Oil
  • 1 tsp. grass-fed butter
  • 1 cup chopped onions (set aside 1/4 cup)
  • 5 large garlic cloves, chopped (set one chopped clove aside)
  • 1 1/2 pounds grass-fed ground beef
  • 2 Tbsp. ancho chili powder
  • 1 tsp. chipotle chili powder
  • 1 tsp. cayenne chili powder
  • 2 Tbsp. ground cumin
  • 6 medium organic tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh oregano
  • 2 tsp. dried basil
  • 1/2 cup organic chicken broth
  • 1/2 cup gluten-free beer
  • 1/4 cup organic tomato paste
  • 1/2 ounce Bulletproof Chocolate Bar, grated (about 2 Tbsp.)
  • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon powder
  • 1 butternut squash, cubed, tossed with XCT Oil, salt, and pepper, and baked
  • Salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat oil and butter in large skillet. Add 3/4 cup onion and 4 of the chopped garlic cloves. Sauté over medium heat until onions are translucent. Add beef and cook until browned, breaking up large pieces. Add salt and pepper to taste. Once the beef is browned, add ancho, chipotle, red chili powder, and cumin, and set aside.

2. In large pot place the tomatoes, water, remaining onions and remaining garlic and simmer 4-5 minutes over medium heat. Salt lightly. Reduce heat to medium-low and add oregano and basil and simmer a few minutes more. Add cooked beef mixture to tomatoes. Add chicken broth and beer and simmer 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and cool if not serving right away.

If you want to eat this chili immediately, bake the butternut squash while you make the chili and everything will be warm and ready to eat at the same time. But one of the great things about this recipe is that it can be made ahead of time. To eat later, simply heat the chili over medium heat and stir in baked butternut squash cubes or add to individual bowls.

Bulletproof Cupcakes

You didn’t think you’d have to go without sweet treats for the rest of your life, did you? Here’s a scrumptious recipe that’s also fun to make and perfect for a rainy day. Well, okay, any day. They are cupcakes after all.

  • 12 ounces 85% or darker chocolate, chopped (or chips)
  • 3/4 cup unsalted, grass-fed butter at room temperature
  • 12 Tbsp. xylitol or a 50/50 mix of xylitol and erythritol
  • 2 or more tsp. vanilla extract
  • Tiny pinch pink Himalayan salt
  • 6 eggs at room temperature, separated
  • 1 tsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 tbs. sweet rice flour (not regular rice flour; omit if you can’t find this ingredient)

1. Preheat the oven to 350F

2. Line 18 muffin tin cups with paper liners.

3. Pulse xylitol and erythritol in blender to form powder.

4. Melt the dark chocolate with the butter in a heavy saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly until smooth. Don’t burn the chocolate!

5. Mix half the xylitol/erythritol with the salt and egg yolks and beat three minutes on medium speed until mixture is thick and pale. 

6. Fold egg/xylitol mixture into the warm melted chocolate; add vanilla, cocoa powder, and sweet rice flour.

7. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites in high speed until soft peaks form. Gradually add remaining xylitol/erythritol and continue beating until medium-firm peaks form. Fold this mixture into the chocolate mixture (in three or four batches, not all at once).

8. Spoon batter into cupcake tins, filling about ¾ full.

9. Bake 11 minutes; rotate pans and bake 11 more minutes. Cool completely on wire rack.

10. If you’d like, decorate the top by sprinkling or sifting on powdered xylitol. You could even use stencils to make pretty shapes.

This is only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bulletproof recipes, so there’s always something delicious to eat and never any reason to be bored.

In addition, remember that sometimes convenience is the difference between succeeding and quitting. So if you’re busy during the week, try cooking extra food over the weekend to have on hand during the week. Stock your fridge with grass-fed beef, wild-caught seafood, frozen berries, and salad fixings (with prepared batches of Bulletproof dressing at the ready) and you’re halfway to Bulletproof!

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