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What is biohacking?

Biohacking is a very broad concept. The definition of biohacking is as follows: manipulating the biochemical processes in your body to create the best healthy version of yourself. The primary goal is self-improvement. You use the knowledge of your body in order to make it perform optimally. In practice, you can optimize your life and body through the use of nutrition, habits, sports, personal experiments and technology. By doing this you can make yourself live a healthier life. These are the biohacks, types of tricks that you often apply with little effort.

Biohacks can promise anything from quick weight loss to enhanced brain function, but the best biohacking results come from being well-informed and cautious about what works for your body. You just need to know exactly how to apply the biohacks to get the best out of it.

On this page we will talk about:


As seen in the definition of biohacking, biohacking includes many different aspects. To make a distinction between different types of biohacking the types are divided into three different categories: self tracking, human performance improvement and human enhancement. These categories can then again be divided into sub-categories. Below you will find the differences between these types of biohacking.


Self-tracking comprises quantified self and lifelogging and streaming. During quantified self you measure, monitor and analyse the various aspects of your life, such as sleep tracking.

With lifelogging and streaming you document a variety of aspects of your life and you are continuously sharing aspects of your life in real-time.

Performance improvement

Human Performance improvement consists of body-, mind- and consciousness hacking.

When you practice biohacking, your life will improve on these three important categories. The results will be that your mind and body feel much healthier and better, and you are more conscious of your own body.

Human enhancement

Human enhancement encompasses three categories.

Human Augmentation refers to adding elements to the body. Biotechnology is concerned with finding techniques to leverage biology for practical purposes. Transhumanism commits to explore the physical, mental, and spiritual limits of human existence and thus breaking them.

Self tracking

It is important to get to know your own body better, before the body as an organism can be improved through biohacking techniques. This can be done through self-tracking, where you start to explore certain aspects of your life, track information about your body, create a representative picture of your health, mindset and more.

For example, you can use sleep tracker tools that display how deeply you sleep, what your sleep pattern looks like, etc. Of course, you can also use pedometers to measure your daily activity, a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate and specific apps to track your daily intake and calorie needs.

Human performance improvement

This is the improvement of three important categories:

  1. Body hacking - Here your physical activity will improve by the right nutrition, exercise and your lifestyle in common.
  2. Mind hacking - This will have an impact on your mental performance. Your way of thinking and your creative talents will affect your mental performance.
  3. Consciousness hacking - This is the improvement of your internal growth.

When you practice biohacking your life will improve on these three categories. The results will be that your mind and body feel healthier and better, you are more conscious of your own body.

Human enhancement

This part can be divided into three categories as well:

  1. Human augmentation - In this process, certain elements are added to the human body, increasing its capabilities. In this way physical and mental performance can be improved.
  2. Biotechnology - With biotechnology the focus is mainly on applying certain techniques and tools to use practically in daily life.
  3. Transhumanism - This commits to explore the physical, mental, and spiritual limits of human existence and thus breaking them.


What are the benefits of biohacking?

  1. Decreased risk of developing a disease that you're genetically prone to.
  2. Physical, mental, or emotional changes, such as losing weight or reducing depression symptoms.
  3. Optimized bodily functions, such as your blood pressure or gut bacteria.
  4. Having a clear sense of purpose.
  5. Increased productivity, both mentally and physically.


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Selecting the right fit

Whether it's sleep, nutrition, exercise, work or mind, each goal of biohacking is paired with unique products that require attention. To help you understand which types of products to look at, we made a selection for you.


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Protein is required to keep the body healthy. There are 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot make and therefore must come from food. Protein is also needed to maintain your muscle mass.

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