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Natural Deodorant


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Want to buy Raw Nature body care?

LiveHelfi is an official reseller of Raw Nature in Europe.

Raw Nature offers an award-winning, plant-powered range of body care products that are as gentle on you as they are on the planet. The brand was born out of a need for natural, safe, and high-performing body care options.

Their products feature clean, toxic-free formulations, leveraging the power of natural ingredients to ensure a safe body care experience. These products are designed to keep you smelling fresh and feeling confident all day, with a focus on high performance.

Sustainability at the Heart

Sustainability has been a key focus for Raw Nature since its inception. Here are some ways they're reducing their environmental impact:

  • Packaging: All products come in completely plastic-free packaging.
  • Ethics: Raw Nature is certified vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Ingredients: They use 100% natural, toxic-free ingredients.
  • Water Conservation: All products are waterless.
  • Palm Oil-Free: None of their products contain palm oil.

Raw Nature is committed to all-natural ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging, and avoiding synthetic fragrances, SLS, and parabens.