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Plant Protein + Microbiotics French Vanilla

NuZest Plant Protein + Microbiotics French Vanilla is a ready-to-use smoothie mix of pea protein powder with probiotics & prebiotics. 20 g of protein per 30 g serving. A tasty, healthy snack that is quick to prepare. Vanilla flavour. 300 g for 10 servings.

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NuZest Plant Protein + Microbiotics French Vanilla

  • Protein-rich smoothie mix with bacteria and prebiotic fibres
  • 20 g of protein per serving from pea protein isolate
  • With Bacillus coagulans and prebiotic fibre
  • Deep vanilla flavour
  • Quickly prepared as a smoothie
  • Tasty, healthy snack
  • Completely plant-based

Ready-to-use, nutrient-rich smoothie mix

NuZest Plant Protein + Microbiotics combines sustainable pea protein with live bacteria and prebiotic fibre. A 30g serving provides 20g of protein and 1 billion live Bacillus coagulans bacteria. Use it as a healthy, tasty snack that is quick to prepare or as an ingredient in baking. So you have health, speed and convenience in 1 tasty drink.

High-quality and sustainable pea protein powder

The base of NuZest Plant Protein Plus is pea protein powder. Peas are naturally rich in protein and contain all 9 essential amino acids. This makes peas a good plant-based alternative to popular animal protein sources such as whey.

20 grams of protein for muscles and bones

Plant Protein Plus provides 20 grams of protein per 30-gram serving. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It also helps maintain strong bones.

Grown and processed in Europe

The protein powder comes from peas sustainably grown in northern France. Extraction of the protein is done using water as a solvent, so no chemicals are needed. This water can be reused and the remains of the peas serve as biofuel or animal feed.

Digestible and allergen-free

Extraction with water also removes most of the anti-nutrients, such as lecithin, which can interfere with digestion. Peas also contain few allergens. Yet each batch is tested for and free of the most common allergens.

With live bacteria and prebiotic fibre

Plant Protein + Microbiotics contains 1 billion live bacteria (Bacillus coagulans) per serving. This strain is long-lasting at room temperature and resistant to the low pH in the stomach. The fibres provide nutrition to the bacteria in Plant Protein + Microbiotics and your own intestinal flora.

Basis for smoothies and shakes

NuZest Plant Protein Plus has been developed as a base for shakes and smoothies. Mix with some water or (vegetable) milk and your healthy, tasty, nutrient-rich snack is ready.

Deep vanilla flavour

The vanilla flavour of Plant Protein + Microbiotics French Vanilla comes from natural vanilla flavour and the sweetener thaumatin. In terms of flavour, you don't need to add anything else unless you want a bit more variety.

Available in different mixes and flavours

NuZest Plant Protein Plus is available in different types and flavours:

Tested for allergens, heavy metals and microbiology

NuZest works on sustainable, clean, plant-based products. Every batch of Plant Protein Plus is tested for allergens, heavy metals and microbiology. It contains no gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs and artificial additives. So you can be sure of a pure, safe product.

Plant Protein Plus is fully plant-based and therefore suitable for vegans.

About NuZest

NuZest develops high-quality, plant-based nutritional supplements from New Zealand. Nutritional value is their top priority, which they achieve by using fresh, unprocessed plant products. Quality is guaranteed with extensive testing and good manufacturing practices (GMP). NuZest has an eye for sustainable production and reusing raw materials as much as possible.

Recommended use

Take one or more servings per day depending on diet and activity level.

Add 30 g (approx. 4 heaped tsp) to a shaker containing 350 mL of water or your favourite milk and shake. Or blend into a delicious smoothie.

One package of NuZest Plant Protein + Microbiotics French Vanilla contains 300 g, sufficient for 10 days.

Product Facts

Nutritional value per portion 100 g (% RI) 30 g (% RI)
Energy 380 kcal / 1590 kJ (19%) 114 kcal / 477 kJ (6%)
Fats 7.3 g (10%) 2.2 g (3%)
o Saturated 1.7 g (9%) 0.5 g (3%)
Carbohydrates 4.3 g (2%) 1.3 g (0%)
o Sugar 3 g (3%) 0.9 g (1%)
Protein 67 g (134%) 20.1 g (40%)
Fibre 10 g (*) 3 g (*)
Salt 3.3 g (*) 1.0 g (*)
Iron 14 mg 100%

RI = Reference Intake.
* RI unknown

pea protein isolate, microbiotic fibre, natural vanilla flavour, Bacillus coagulans, sweetener (thaumatin).

Allergy information:
No allergens listed.

Food supplement with sweeteners. Category: Fiber, Probiotics, Protein.
A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Food supplements are no substitute for a varied diet.

Store dry, cool, away from light and outside of reach of young children.


  • Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
  • Do not use if outer seal is broken or damaged.

Made in: United States

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