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Unique Benefits of Upgraded Whey Protein and Collagen

Unique Benefits of Upgraded Whey Protein and Collagen


A Review of the Unique Benefit Offered by Upgraded Whey Protein and Collagen

The Bulletproof Diet is gaining momentum thanks to the amazing physical and mental effects users are noticing. Many people who try the diet do so out of sheer curiosity and then stick with it because of how good they look and feel.

Dietary supplements are not absolutely necessary on the Bulletproof Diet. To follow the diet, users drink Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast and then eat from a specified list of foods the rest of the day – all healthy, whole foods that have proven health benefits, placing the diet among the very healthiest ways to eat and an absolute dream for those who are passionate about biohacking.

That being said, there are some supplements that have such impressive effects on the body and mind that they are recommended to those living a Bulletproof lifestyle. These supplements can really supercharge your results and make a difference in how you feel and your overall health and quality of life.

Two of these supplements are whey protein and collagen protein. They are both easy to store and easy to use. But each has unique health benefits to consider.

What Is Whey protein?

Whey is one of the proteins that makes up milk (the other is casein). To form whey protein dietary supplements, the whey in milk is separated from the casein. Whey is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids. It’s also low in lactose, so it’s a great way for lactose intolerant individuals to get some of the benefits of milk.

Whey protein is typically a mixture of alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, immunoglobulins, and bovine serum albumin. Whey protein powders are popular dietary supplements because of their many health benefits.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein

The consumption of whey protein has been linked to all kinds of beneficial effects on the body. These include:

  • Weight loss
  • Cancer prevention
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Lessening of asthma symptoms
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Lower risk of heart disease

Whey protein generally causes no adverse side effects. Consumers should be aware that too-large doses may cause stomach pain, cramps, diminished appetite, nausea, fatigue, or headache. But doses large enough to cause these side effects are much larger than normal-use amounts.

What Makes Upgraded Whey Protein Different?

A lot of the whey protein products on the market can yield unpredictable results. They certainly don’t all deliver the results you’re after, and it’s almost impossible to figure out which ones are effective and which ones aren’t.

That’s why Dave Asprey developed Upgraded Whey Protein. He wanted to provide a product that was reliable and effective, and it appears that’s exactly what he’s done.

Upgraded Whey Protein mixes quickly and easily into a glass of water and has a very mild flavor. Instead of the strong, cheesy taste other whey proteins can have, this one tastes and feels much like drinking a glass of milk – except for the remarkable burst of energy it will give you.

Whey protein also improves glutathione levels in the liver. Glutathione is the main antioxidant responsible for detoxification, so it’s easy to see why this is a desirable effect.

Upgraded Whey Protein will not cause food cravings like some other products can. You’ll feel great, and notice that your energy and mood are both elevated significantly all day.

What’s in a Bag of Upgraded Whey Protein?

When you buy Upgraded Whey Protein, you’re getting more than just whey. You’re getting a “hacked” version of whey protein designed to impart the healthiest results possible. Upgraded Whey Protein contains:

  • 75% whey. This whey comes directly from grass-fed cows and is low-temperature processed – not derived from cheese manufacturing byproducts like many of the products on the market today. These products are denatured and/or homogenized and have unfavorable, inflammatory effects because of their amino acid balance.
  • 20% colostrum. Colostrum is the immune-stimulating type of milk that is available only right after a cow gives birth. It has been shown in many studies to help the immune system stay healthy and have a positive effect on physical performance.
  • 5% medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. The human liver needs a fuel to prime the detox pathways in the body. This fuel can be either glucose or fat. Fat is the clear choice for those who want to burn fat efficiently and continually, and MCT oil is the best fat you can consume.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the human body’s most important proteins. Collagen is found throughout the body – the compositions of bones, organs, skin, hair, nails, and more all rely on collagen. This makes collagen an extremely important protein source.

Unfortunately, most people don’t get nearly enough collagen in their diets. This is mainly because traditionally, people got plenty of collagen through slow-cooked organ meats, bone broths, kidney pie, beef heart, whole fish soups, and whole crustaceans. But these sources of meats are used much less frequently now. 

What Makes Upgraded Collagen Different?

Upgraded Collagen was designed to address this problem by providing a simple and effective source of the essential nutrients found in these seldom-used meats. You can add it to any liquid or food – no need to slow cook broths, soup, stews, or organ meats.

Upgraded Collagen Protein has no flavor at all, so it can be added to Bulletproof Coffee when you want some protein with your breakfast, or to most any meal.

Upgraded Collagen Protein comes from the purest pasture-raised cows. These cows are not just grass-fed but also completely untouched by hormones or any other drugs. It’s not rocket science to see that if you want to be healthy, your protein sources should come from healthy animals.

Upgraded Collagen is different from gelatin in that its special enzymatic process leaves its peptides intact. What that means for you is a neutral-tasting, highly bioavailable protein that will not clump like gelatin when you mix it into liquid.

Upgraded Collagen Protein is an essential healer and builder. It speeds up recovery processes, repairs soft tissue, and is easy to mix with a wide variety of foods. Benefits of Upgraded Collagen protein include:

  • Enhances brain function thanks to glycerin (a neurotransmitter necessary for sensory and motor pathways and ATP synthesis)
  • Reduces aging processes by replacing proteins diminished by aging
  • Improves sleep quality and enhances tissue repair while sleeping
  • Strengthens bones and joints by providing lots of proline and glycine, both necessary for post-exercise refueling
  • Increases mobility and flexibility by making the main connective tissue building blocks more bioavailable
  • Speeds tissue repair by providing proteins that ensure elasticity, cohesion, and regeneration of bone, cartilage, and skin
  • Protects against wrinkles by promoting skin hydration
  • Helps build muscle by assisting with creatine synthesis
  • Helps with weight loss by satisfying hunger fast
  • Contains more collagen than bone broth!

To use collagen protein, simply add anywhere from a tablespoon to a half-cup or more to water, another beverage, or a food like soup or stew. This product makes an excellent addition to Bulletproof Coffee when you want some protein with your breakfast – or if you want to make Bulletproof Coffee filling and nutritious enough to stand in for another meal. Or simply take one to two tablespoons each night before bed.

Other Amazing Bulletproof Supplements to Consider

Again, the Bulletproof Diet does not require any supplements. But there are many available, and fans of biohacking may want to experiment with these to find the perfect combination for their bodies and brains.

  • GABAwave – offers increased focus and lower stress during the day plus deep, high quality sleep at night all in one supplement
  • Glutathione Force – a powerful antioxidant that optimizes your central nervous system, helps your body detox, protects your heart, fights infections, and more
  • Upgraded Aging Formula – supercharges your brain by protecting neurons from environmental toxins; may improve short-term memory and reducing the incidence of age-related conditions
  • Upgraded Chocolate Powder – lowers inflammation and has heart protective properties. Blend into Bulletproof Coffee for an incredibly delicious treat.
  • Coconut Charcoal Capsules – promotes all-over health by capturing and removing up to 100 times the weight of the charcoal in toxins!

These are just a few of the supplements you can use to hack your results on the Bulletproof Diet.

Just the Basics, Please

There are many great supplements and products available to help you become Bulletproof, but what if you want to start out with just the basics? No problem.

Simply make your Bulletproof Coffee each morning and eat from the allowed-foods list each afternoon. The foods allowed include healthy whole foods such as grass-fed meats, eggs, and butter, along with organic vegetables and low-glucose fruits. Avoid processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and most sugars (the rare exceptions being the small amounts of sugar in fruits like berries and a bit of raw honey if you want to sweeten your Chocolate Powder-infused Bulletproof Coffee).

Even if you fall into the “just the basics” category and aren’t interested in supplements, you should still consider adding in Upgraded Whey Protein and/or Upgraded Collagen Protein.

As you now know, these two superstar proteins have nearly endless benefits to offer you. Either one will make your Bulletproof Coffee even more filling and satisfying, while making you even more Bulletproof! 

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