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Omega-3 Index Test

by WHC

WHC Omega-3 Index Test Full is a simple blood test for determining your omega fatty acid status and other fats. Tests 26 fatty acids. All supplies included. Receive your fatty acid determination and nutritional advice. English instructions.

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WHC Omega-3 Index Test

Test if you eat enough omega-3 fatty acids with a simple blood test

The cell membranes of red blood cells are a good reflection of the fats your body uses. With a simple blood test, you can determine whether you are consuming enough omega-3 fatty acids. You take this test yourself with a few drops of blood from your finger. Based on the results, you can adjust your omega-3 fatty acid intake or confirm that you are on the right track.

Determine the ratio of omega fatty acids and receive advice

The WHC Omega-3 Index Test gives you the following information:

  • omega-3 index
  • omega-3 / omega-6 ratio
  • omega-6 GLA and DGLA
  • omega-7, omega-9
  • analysis of 26 fatty acids
  • AA / EPA ratio
  • saturated fats
  • trans fats

Based on the test results, you will also receive advice on how to improve your diet or supplementation where possible. After 3 to 6 months you can repeat this test to measure the results of the adjustments.

All supplies included

The test kit contains all the materials to take and submit the test. You can send the test with the enclosed envelope by post to the specialised omega-3 test laboratory. You will receive your results one to two weeks later.

English instructions

The testkit has instructions in English.


Prick a drop of blood in your finger and place it on each square of the test card.

Detailed instructions can be found in the test kit.

Store in a cool and dry place, away from light.

Made in Europe.

WHC Labs B.V.
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