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Twilight Sunset

The TrueDark Twilight Sunset blue filter glasses block 99% of blue and 75-95% of green light. The glasses are meant for the period after sunset, in which you start to finish the day. Lightweight aviator model. Unisex.

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Why use blue light blocking glasses?

Light pollution can disturb your body in several ways. Your body uses light of different colours to set your biological clock properly. Blue light for daytime and red light for evening. Artificial light and screens emit unnatural amounts of blue, green and violet light. Continuous exposure to it can disrupt your day-night rhythm.

Light pollution can also disturb your sleep. Blue light inhibits the production of the natural sleep hormone melatonin. Green and violet light do the same to a lesser extent. If you are still using bright artificial lights or screens in the evening, it is more difficult to fall asleep. Excessive blue light is also extra tiring for your eyes, which is annoying when you use computers for a long time.

Blue filter glasses protect against light pollution, which helps your eyes to relax and can improve your sleep.

Why use TrueDark Twilight Sunset blue blocking glasses?

TrueDark Twilight Sunset blue blocking glasses are meant for the period after sunset, in which you start to finish the day. Twilight Sunset lenses contain a colour gradient that ranges from red at the top to amber at the bottom. With these glasses, you can still do activities such as cooking and watching TV, while you protect your eyes from harmful artificial light.

The lenses stop 99% of blue light and 73-95% of green light! This makes the glasses an intermediate step between the TrueDark Daywalker with amber-coloured lenses and the TrueDark Twilight glasses with red lenses.

The patented TrueDark glasses are made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and fully coloured.

TrueDark is one of the best brands currently available. Blue light glasses from other brands do not offer protection against UV radiation and often have colourless lenses with a coloured coating, which lose their effectiveness when scratched.

All benefits of these blue light filter glasses

  • Patented, durable, scratch resistant, polarised, fully coloured gradient glasses
  • Blocks 99% of blue light and 73-95% of green light
  • Protects against light pollution between sunset and bedtime
  • Useful in the evening when you can't avoid artificial light
  • Stainless steel, lightweight, modern matt-black frame with aviator design
  • Supplied in a sturdy spectacle case with a microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Unisex
  • Recommended by Dave Asprey (founder of Bulletproof)


Use the TrueDark Twilight Sunset after sunset, when you start winding down your day and relax before bedtime.

TrueDark offers multiple variants of their blue blocking glasses for adults and children and different times of day. Colourless lenses block 40% of blue light, yellow lenses 75% and red lenses 95%.


  • Do not use these sleeping glasses while driving or operating heavy machinery or other operations that suffer from fatigue, change in depth of vision or changes in the colour spectrum.
  • Avoid using TrueDark Twilight Sunset glasses if you work at night or need to concentrate heavily.

In these cases, use the TrueDark Daylights and then switch to TrueDark Twilight when you're done.

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