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Twilight Classic

TrueDark Twilight Classic sleeping glasses block 100% of blue, violet and green light. Protects melatonin production in the evening. Lightweight. Good fit. Suitable for m/f.

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Why use sleeping glasses?

Junk light has a big impact on your sleep. Your body, and especially your day-night rhythm, is sensitive to light and the different colours of light. For example, light determines the production of your natural sleep hormone melatonin. Blue light stops the production of melatonin. Green and violet light have a similar but smaller effect. During the day, when your body expects the most blue light, you stay awake. In the evening you want to avoid blue, green, and violet light to fall asleep easily.

Artificial lighting and screens of electronic devices often emit a lot of blue light. That's why the use of such lights or devices at night can disrupt your sleep. This can be an issue if you have LED lamps in your house or use screens shortly before bedtime.

Wearing sleeping glasses in the evening is the solution!

Why the TrueDark Twilight Classic sleeping glasses?

More and more blue light glasses are available. The quality and effectiveness are still very variable. TrueDark is one of the best brands currently available. The TrueDark Twilight is the first and only solution designed to work with melanopsin. Melanopsin is a protein in your eyes that is responsible for absorbing light and sending sleep/wake signals to the brain. Even if you wear your TrueDark Twilight just 30 minutes before bedtime, it prevents melanopsin from detecting the wrong wavelengths of light at the wrong time of day.

Twilight Classic glasses block 100% of blue, green and violet light through the combination of TrueDark lenses and a fully closed frame. Ideal for people who read in bed from an electronic screen.

Blue, green and violet light has the most effect on melatonin production. Other blue-light blockers often only block blue light and do not protect against all the light that can disturb melatonin production.

The patented TrueDark glasses are made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and are fully coloured. The fully coloured lenses do not lose their effectiveness when scratched and also protect against UV radiation. Other brands of blue blocker glasses often use colourless lenses with a coloured coating. They are not as effective when they are scratched.

The frame is made of sturdy polycarbonate with flexible legs. The glasses are lined with cushions to minimise leakage of light through the sides.

The TrueDark Twilight Classic sleeping glasses come in a foldable hard-shell glasses case with a microfibre cleaning cloth.

The TrueDark Twilight Classic comes with a frame in which your optician can place lenses. With this you can transform sleeping glasses into prescription glasses. Insert or remove the lenses by loosening the foam rubber with the clip above the nose bridge. Push it gently upwards and backwards. The lenses can now be placed between the frame and the foam rubber.

TrueDark blue filter glasses are recommended by Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof and a well-known biohacker. He is also a co-founder of TrueDark.

All benefits of these sleeping glasses

  • Blocks 100% of blue, violet and green light
  • Protects against light that disrupts melatonin production
  • Useful in the evening when you can't avoid artificial light
  • Ideal for when you read from electronic screens in the evening
  • Lightweight glasses with a good fit
  • Includes holder to hold glasses to strength to place
  • Unisex
  • Scratch-resistant, polarised, fully coloured lenses
  • Recommended by Dave Asprey


Wear the glasses 30 to 120 minutes before bedtime to protect your melatonin production from junk light. Useful when you:

  • still use screens or have bright lights on in the evening
  • change time zones or want to adjust your day-night rhythm
  • when you want to sleep when it is still light outside, for example during long summer days

TrueDark offers multiple variants of their blue blocking glasses for adults and children and different times of day. Colourless lenses block 40% of blue light, yellow lenses 75% and red lenses 95%.


  • Do not use these sleeping glasses while driving or operating heavy machinery or other operations that suffer from fatigue, change in depth of vision or changes in the colour spectrum.
  • Avoid using TrueDark Twilight Classic sleeping glasses if you work at night or need to concentrate heavily.

In these cases, use the TrueDark Daywalker and then switch to TrueDark Twilight when you're done.

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