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TrueDark TrueLight Luna Red Sunset Sleep Light

TrueLight Luna Red Sleep Light has 4 settings with three lighting colours, ranging from yellow to red. Night lighting for better sleep. 7 W LED lamp with remote control. 1 lamp and 1 remote control.

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Sleep and nighttime lighting

Light has a substantial impact on sleep and the circadian rhythm. The colour and intensity of light let the body know what time of day it is. Bright white-blue light is associated with daytime and dimmed yellow-red light with nighttime. In the course of human evolution, fire used to be the only source of light after sunset. We now have full control over the lighting in our environment. This ability to control the lighting has a major impact on your sleep-wake cycle and with it the quality of your sleep.

The best night's sleep requires a close mimicry of the earth's natural light-dark cycle. Bright white-blue light during the day keeps you awake and alert. Dimmed yellow-red light in the evening helps you relax before bedtime. Your melatonin production takes place in the dark or in yellow-red light. This hormone prepares the body for sleep.

It can be a challenge to find the right night lighting. Many modern (LED) lamps emit bright, white-blue light. Lamps with a more favourable night light spectrum, such as light bulbs, consume a lot of energy. The rooms you use during the day and in the evening are often not designed to fit lamps in multiple hues. You can always opt for dimmable lamps, of course, but that requires installing dimmer outlets. However, dimmable lamps do not change in colour. So, it can be quite a challenge to set up your surroundings for both daytime and evening without the right equipment.

TrueLight Luna Red Sunset Sleep Light

TrueDark introduces the TrueLight Luna Red Sleep Light as an all-in-one lamp for nighttime lighting. This LED lamp has 4 settings with three lighting colours, ranging from yellow to red. The lamp can be operated with the supplied remote control, with the option to program a total of 4 settings. With its four settings, the lamp is 'dimmable' without the need for a dimmer switch.

The Luna Red Sleep Light is perfect for rooms still in use in the evening. Use the night setting (dim red light) for when you prefer light while you sleep or if you need a source of light at night to help you navigate in the dark.

TrueLight is a TrueDark brand. TrueDark was co-founded by Dave Asprey, the well-known 'biohacker' and founder of Bulletproof.

The TrueLight Luna Red Sunset Sleep Light features

  • 4 settings
    • White-yellow light (3000 K), similar to a light bulb
    • Yellow light (2000 K), similar to sunrise/sunset
    • Red light (1000 K)
    • Night light (dimmed red light)
  • Low blue light
  • Sturdy, shatterproof dome lamp
  • Consumption: 7 W
  • Standard size A19 lamp with an E26/E27 fitting (standard lamp fitting)
  • Service life: 30,000 hours or 27.4 years with 3 hours of daily use
  • Suitable for mains voltage 85-265 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Built-in dimmer feature that works without a dimmer switch
  • Remote control operation


Place the lamp in a suitable fitting. Turn on the switch and operate the lamp with the remote control. The lamp is set to channel 1 of the remote control by default.

Use the 2000 K and 3000 K settings for lighting during daytime until sunset.
Use the 1000 K setting in the evening a few hours before bedtime for lighting that will not interfere with your melatonin production.
Use the night light setting around bedtime or when you want a source of light in your room while sleeping.

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