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TrueLight Luna Red Nightlight + Flashlight

TrueLight Luna Red Nightlight + Flashlight is a handy, sturdy red light that can be used as a nightlight and torch. Red light that does not disturb sleep. With motion and light sensor. USB rechargeable.

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Sleep and nighttime lighting

Light has a substantial impact on sleep and the circadian rhythm. The colour and intensity of light let the body know what time of day it is. Bright white-blue light is associated with daytime and dimmed yellow-red light with nighttime. In the course of human evolution, fire used to be the only source of light after sunset. We now have full control over the lighting in our environment. This ability to control the lighting has a major impact on your sleep-wake cycle and with it the quality of your sleep.

The best night's sleep requires a close mimicry of the earth's natural light-dark cycle. Bright white-blue light during the day keeps you awake and alert. Dimmed yellow-red light in the evening helps you relax before bedtime. Your melatonin production takes place in the dark or in yellow-red light. This hormone prepares the body for sleep.

Did you know you should especially avoid white-blue light in the evening? Incidentally, this not only applies to humans, but also to animals and wildlife. It is best to use red light to navigate in the dark, to read or as a night light since this will not disturb your day-night rhythm and melatonin production.

TrueLight Luna Red Nightlight + Flashlight

TrueLight has developed a nightlight that can also be used as a torch. The Luna Red Nighlight only emits red light, which means your sleep will not be disturbed. The night light has a light and motion sensor and only comes on when it is dark and when there is movement. The Luna Red Nightlight is light and solidly built. Also useful as an evening torch for at home, when camping or while travelling.

The Luna Red Nightlight has two modes: dim (1.28 lux) and bright (17.47 lux) red light. As a night light, the battery lasts about 30 days. With the torch function, the battery lasts about 1.5 to 2.5 hours. There is a magnet in the lamp with which you can easily hang it on the metal plate with 3M sticker.

About TrueDark and TrueLight
TrueLight is a TrueDark brand. TrueDark was co-founded by Dave Asprey, the well-known 'biohacker' and founder of Bulletproof.

Features of the TrueLight Luna Red Nightlight + Flashlight

  • Only emits red light (658 nm) that does not disturb your sleep.
  • Rechargeable and portable (USB charging cable included).
  • Contains a light sensor and motion sensor.
  • Only lights up in night light mode (auto mode) in dark surroundings and when movement is detected. After 15 seconds without movement, the lamp turns off.
  • 2 light modes: dim (1.28 lux) and bright (17.47 lux).
  • The battery lasts 30 days as a night light and 1.5 - 2.5 hours as a torch.
  • Long life: the battery can be charged at least 300 times and lasts 25 years or more when used as a night light.
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction.
  • Includes metal mounting plate and 3M mounting tape.

How to use

Charge the light for 8 hours before first use. Then charge for 3 hours until the indicator light goes out.

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