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TrueLight Luna Red Luminaire

TrueLight Luna Red Luminaire is a 150 cm tall floor lamp that you can use all day long. 2 light modes; for the morning and for the evening. Dimmable and can be operated by remote control.

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TrueLight Luna Red Luminaire

  • Floor lamp for any time of day
    • Morning mode with blue, amber and red light
    • Evening mode with yellow, amber and red light
  • 150 cm high lamp on tripod with LEDs
  • Operate and dim with remote control

Natural light changes throughout the day

To our eyes daylight appears white, but the composition of the light differs from sunrise to sunset. In the morning and during the day, daylight contains a lot of blue light. Later in the day, it is less blue and more yellow.

Our body determines the time of day via the composition of daylight. This determines your day-night rhythm: when you are energetic and when you want to sleep.

Artificial lighting adapted to people

Artificial lighting does not naturally match the phases of the day. It is often white light with lots of blue and very bright. Such light is great for daytime, but in the evening it can disturb your sleep.

In the evening, less bright, orange-red light actually helps prepare you for bedtime. Orange-red light is similar to light given off by a candle or fire. This light does not interfere with the natural production of melatonin, making it easier to fall asleep.

Lighting for all-day use

TrueLight makes lighting that takes into account the natural day-night rhythm. The Luna Red Luminaire therefore has 2 light modes: for morning/daytime and for evening. The lamp can also be dimmed with the included remote control.

The light modes of the Luna Red Luminaire are very specifically composed.

Morning (Sunrise mode): for daytime

  • Blue: 487 nm
  • Amber: 610 nm
  • Red: 660 nm

Evening (Sunset mode): for after 5pm

  • Yellow: 592 nm
  • Amber: 610 nm
  • Red: 660 nm

Beautiful and sturdy design

The TrueLight Luna Red Luminaire has a hexagonal, floor lamp with a sturdy, diffusing dome. The tripod base is adjustable for good stability. Intended to be pointed at the wall or corner for ambient illumination.

Features of Luna Red Luminaire

  • Luna Red Luminaire floor lamp
    • 152 cm high with 30 cm wide tripod base
    • 5 W; AC 90V-285V / 50Hz - 60Hz
    • Cord with American plug
      • Adapter for European sockets not included
    • Lifespan: 30,000 hours
    • 2 light modes (dimmable with remote control)
      • Sunrise mode
        • Blue: 487 nm
        • Amber: 610 nm
        • Red: 660 nm
        • 152.6 lumens
      • Sunset mode
        • Yellow: 592 nm
        • Amber: 610 nm
        • Red: 660 nm
        • 161.4 lumens
  • Remote control
    • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
    • Can be connected to 4 Luna Red lamps

About TrueDark and TrueLight

TrueLight is a brand of TrueDark. TrueDark was co-founded by Dave Asprey, the well-known biohacker and founder of Bulletproof.

Made in the United States.

Biohacked, Inc.
5836 S 228th Street
Kent, WA 98032
United States

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d'n Office
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