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TrueLight Luna Red IR+FIR Blanket

TrueLight Luna Red IR+FIR Blanket is a fleece blanket that reflects infrared radiation. One side contains IR and FIR reflective bio-ceramic fibres. Infrared light helps with recovery and blood circulation. The blanket measures 229 x 152 cm and comes with a sturdy storage bag.

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TrueLight Luna Red IR+FIR Blanket

Heat-reflective fleece blanket

TrueLight Luna Red Blanket is a fleece blanket that reflects body heat. The blanket is light and can be folded compactly. Handy as a travel blanket, for in bed or at home. Use the blanket, for example, in combination with the TrueLight lamps.

Advantages of infrared (IR) and far-infrared (FIR) light

IR stands for 'infrared' and FIR for 'far-infrared'. You cannot see IR and FIR light, but you can feel it as heat.

Infrared light penetrates further into the body than other types of light. It can support blood flow and the flow of lymph. Infrared light can also help with recovery. The Luna Red Blanket reflects your own body heat for these benefits.

Bioceramic fibres reflect heat

Bio-ceramic fibres contain bamboo charcoal particles and proprietary volcanic minerals. These particles are permanently trapped in the fibres. The bioceramic particles in the blanket capture infrared light and re-radiate it. They thus reflect infrared and far infrared light.

Features of the TrueLight Luna Red Blanket

  • Fleece blanket made of 100% polyester
  • 229 x 152 cm in size
  • 1 side contains bioceramic fibres in a honeycomb pattern
  • With sturdy carrying and storage bag


Wear the side with the honeycomb pattern towards you. Works best in direct contact with the skin or with thin clothing.

Wash and dry at low temperature

Machine wash and dry at low temperature. If necessary, use bleach without chlorine as a detergent. The blanket remains as effective after washing.

Made in the United States.

Biohacked, Inc.
5836 S 228th Street
Kent, WA 98032
United States

Imported by
d'n Office
Loopkantstraat 25
5405 AC Uden
The Netherlands