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TrueLight Energy Square

TrueLight Energy Square 2.4 photobiomodulation light therapy lamp with yellow, red & NIR wavelengths and pulsating or continuous light modes. Thin, 30 x 30 cm panel. Versatile and safe for home use.

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TrueLight Energy Square 2.4

What is photobiomodulation light therapy?

Photobiomodulation is the use of light to affect the body. Different colours of light have different properties. Yellow, red and infrared are widely used and researched. With the right equipment, you can safely apply photobiomodulation yourself at home.

Light therapy is still being researched. Initial studies show benefits with few risks. The treatment is simple enough to apply yourself. With the right lamp, you can start right away.

TrueLight Energy Square 2.4 Light Therapy Lamp

The Energy Square 2.4 is a thin, sleekly designed light therapy lamp with a 30 x 30 cm panel. This size can treat large parts of your body. You can use this lamp for different types of light therapy because of the light colours and modes. Place the panel easily with the included stand. The thin, lightweight panel is easy to transport for home or office use.

Energy Square 2.4 set

The TrueLight Energy Square 2.4 comes with:
  • The Energy Square 2.4 lamp
  • An adjustable, portable stand
  • A remote control (CR2035 3V battery included)
  • A 3 m power cable with a US plug (plug adapter not included)
    • suitable for all types of mains between 100-265V and 50-60 Hz
  • A velvet carrier bag with drawstring

TrueLight light therapy lamps: high-quality, multipurpose lamps

TrueLight offers multiple photobiomodulation applications in one device. LED lights produce four specific wavelengths of yellow, red and infrared light that have the most beneficial effects. You can also pick between continuous or pulsating light. You can combine the colours and light modes to suit your personal needs.

TrueLight also offers the following light therapy lamps:

  • The Energy Trism is a full body-sized hanging lamp with 3 panels of 30 by 30 cm. For treatment of your whole body.
  • The Energy Scarlet Lux is a handheld lamp with power cable for use when travelling.
  • The Baton Rouge is the size of a small flashlight and intended for shorter treatments of small areas.

About TrueDark and TrueLight

TrueLight is a brand of TrueDark. TrueDark was co-founded by Dave Asprey, the well-known biohacker and founder of Bulletproof. A patent is pending for the TrueLight Energy Square 2.4, so TrueDark has not yet made all specifications public.

Properties of the Energy Square 2.4

  • 4 light wavelengths from LED lights:
    • Yellow (580 nm)
    • Red (630 & 660 nm)
    • Near Infrared (NIR) (850 nm)
  • 2 light modes: pulsating and constant
  • 5 light programs:
    • Yellow light (580 nm)
    • Red light (630 & 660 nm)
    • NIR light (850 nm)
    • Red & NIR light (630, 660, 850 nm)
    • Yellow & red & NIR light (all wavelengths)
  • Lamp panel measuring 30 x 30 x 1.25 cm
  • With a handy built-in 20-minute timer
  • No UV radiation
  • Minimal EMF radiation
  • Designed to be quiet

Benefits of the yellow light mode

Yellow or amber light therapy looks to benefit the skin. Yellow light reaches the topmost layers of skin, but not much deeper. It can help the skin recover or relieve irritations such as sunburn.

Benefits of the red light mode

Red light penetrates more deeply into the skin, up to 1 cm. Near-infrared radiation comes as far as the underlying muscles and bones. Light at 630, 660 and 850 nm helps mitochondria to produce more energy. With this additional energy, a cell can do its job better and tissues repair themselves faster. Red light from the TrueLight Energy Square 2.4 can, therefore, help with muscle and skin recovery and inflammation.

Benefits of constant or pulsating light

Pulsing and constant light each have their advantages. Pulsing light stimulates cells and mitochondria and can, therefore, accelerate recovery. Continuous lighting has a calming and soothing effect on cells, helping to reduce pain and inflammation.


Dose and frequency

Use the TrueLight Energy Square at least 2-3 times weekly with 20-minute sessions. Place the lamp as close to the skin as possible, not more than 15-20 cm away, so that the entire treatment area is illuminated. For best results, free the skin from skincare products, dirt or sweat.

You can use the TrueLight Energy Square 2.4 daily. Sessions of 10-20 minutes seem to be a good dosage to get all the benefits without any drawbacks. With several or too long sessions in the same area on the same day you may not experience any benefits. This is because the body needs time to process the effects of the light therapy.

Time until effect

You will see effects after a few weeks or months, depending on your goal. You may notice accelerated recovery and pain relief after a few weeks of daily use. It can take a few months before rejuvenating effects on the skin become apparent.

The manufacturer does not recommend looking directly into the light. You can close or turn away your eyes or wear sunglasses when using the lamp for your face.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating, please consult your medical practitioner first.

Made in the United States.

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