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Recharge Health FlexBeam is a portable, flexible red-IR light therapy lamp. Supports blood circulation and recovery. Easily treat any part of the body. Available in white or black.

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Recharge Health FlexBeam

  • Red (625-635 nm) and infrared (815 nm) light therapy lamp
  • Three powerful light pods in a flexible housing
  • Easily treat any body part with this portable lamp
  • 3 programs and 10 minutes per session
  • Battery-powered lamp with 6-10 sessions per full charge

Portable, flexible red-IR light therapy lamp

The FlexBeam is a portable light therapy lamp with red and infrared light. Three light pods each emit red and infrared light. The FlexBeam is designed for use directly against the skin. You can easily position the three light pods in the flexible housing and the supplied straps. Direct skin contact makes the FlexBeam more effective than light therapy lamps that you hold at a distance.

Three LED pods with battery and control pod

The FlexBeam contains 4 pods in a flexible housing. Three pods contain LED lights that emit red and infrared light. The fourth pod contains the battery and control panel.

Powerful red and infrared lamps for direct skin contact

The lamp pods each contain 2 infrared light LEDs (815 nm) and 1 red light LED (625-635 nm). The infrared LEDs have a light output of 100 mW/cm² and the red light LEDs 60 mW/cm².

Flexible housing effectively shines on any part of the body

You can easily place the FlexBeam lamp around your arm, leg or neck. The FlexBeam also moulds itself well around the chest, shoulders or stomach. The bands keep the lamps in place, so you do not have to sit still when using them.

Benefits of red and infrared light

Red and infrared light penetrate the deepest into the body, down to the bones and joints. Infrared light is heat radiation and not visible. There have been many studies on the effectiveness of red and infrared light for recovery. Red and infrared light stimulate cells to make more energy and increase blood flow.

Light therapy for home use is very safe. A high-quality light therapy lamp such as the FlexBeam only emits the desired light, no UV light. EMF radiation is limited because the lamp runs off a battery and not on a mains voltage.

Components of the FlexBeam set

The Recharge Health FlexBeam kit consists of:

  • FlexBeam light therapy lamp (with white or black pods)
  • 3 Velcro straps
    • One duo strap
    • One mini strap
    • One body strap
  • A charger for EU sockets and mains voltage
  • One pair of goggles
  • A sturdy carrying case
  • An operating instructions manual for the FlexBeam
  • A guide to light therapy protocols

Three straps for attachment anywhere on the body

The three types of Velcro straps attach the FlexBeam for use.

  • The duo straps are suitable for use along the length of arms or legs.
  • The mini strap secures the FlexBeam around an arm, leg or joint.
  • The body strap holds the FlexBeam at the shoulder, chest or abdomen.

3 Programs and a 52-page manual with usage protocols

You can choose between three programmes of 10 minutes each. The programmes have been adjusted for different depths of light penetration. In addition to a user manual, you also get a 52-page manual with usage protocols.

Accumulator suitable for 6-10 sessions

The FlexBeam can be used with the battery or connected to the charger. Depending on the program, the battery lasts for 6 to 10 sessions of 10 minutes. The life expectancy of the battery is approximately 600 charge cycles or 9000 sessions.

Easy to carry in sturdy case

The sturdy case contains the FlexBeam and all of its accessories. It is easy to take the FlexBeam with you and store it safely.


Use the FlexBeam on the treatment area once a day. Place the lamps directly on the skin, without clothing. One 10-minute session provides an optimal dose for most people. You can treat up to 4 different areas per day.

Wear the supplied protective glasses when using the FlexBeam within 30 centimetres of the eyes. Do not look directly into the lamp when in use. Infrared light is not visible.

Red light therapy is safe for daily and home use. Do not treat the same area more than once a day or more than 4 different areas per day. The body needs time to process the effects of light therapy. Too much light per day can reduce the effect.


  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not use if outer seal is broken or damaged.
  • If you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating, please consult your medical practitioner first.

Made in Thailand.

Recharge Co., Ltd
164/2 Soi Sean Sabai | Moo 9, T. Hang Dong | A. Hang Dong
Chiang Mai 50230

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