GK Dual Blood Ketone Test Strips

by On Call

These Ketone Test Strips are suitable for the GK Dual to accurately measure your blood ketones. The package contains 25 test strips.

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GK Dual Blood Ketone Test Strips (x25)

The Go-KetoDual ketone test strips are admired for their accuracy. Used daily by thousands of ketonians, and health professionals.

  • 25x Ketone test strips for use in GK Dual meter (sold separately)
  • Highly accurate blood ketone monitoring
  • Measures from 0.0 mmol/L ~ 8.0 mmol/L
  • #1 Ketone test in Europe to track progress into nutritional ketosis!
  • Recommended by leading ketogenic doctors, scientists, coaches
  • Detects low ketone levels at an early stage