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The NuZest Shaker has a sturdy, leak-proof design, made with BPA-free plastic. Can hold 400 mL. Includes a stainless steel mixing ball for clump-free shakes. Available with orange or green lid.

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NuZest Shaker

The NuZest Shaker is the easiest way to prepare NuZest's Clean Lean Protein and Good Green Stuff beverages. Available with an orange or green lid.

The NuZest Shaker is made of sturdy, BPA-free plastic and has a content of 400 mL. The transparent cup with graduation makes it easy to add the perfect amount of liquid for your shake.

The screw-on lid has a wide opening and a solid cap, ensuring that you can shake the bottle properly without leakage. The broad opening allows for easy pouring of your shake or to drink it straight from the shaker, making this shaker highly portable and easy to travel with.

The shaker comes with a stainless steel wire ball. This mixing ball helps you make fully-mixed, clump-less, smooth shakes.

All parts can be easily cleaned, by using a dishwasher for example.

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