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X3 Bar Elite

Jaquish Biomedical X3 Bar Elite is a variable resistance training system with 4 bands, a handle and a base plate. For safe strength training that quickly leads to complete muscle exhaustion. Compact and safe for home use.

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Jaquish Biomedical X3 Bar Elite

The X3 Bar Elite set consists of a plate with four straps and a steel bar. The compact set fits in a small space, and it's easy to move around.

X3 Bar Elite: 10-minute strength training at home

You can work-out all your primary muscles with the X3 Bar:

  • Shoulder Press
  • Chest Press
  • Tricep Press
  • Bicep Curls
  • Bent Row
  • Squats
  • Calf Raises
  • Deadlift

These eight basic exercises provide a full body workout, including core, back and shoulder muscles.

Safe, efficient training in 10 minutes a day

The four bands offer different resistance levels, enough for the even the strongest athletes. The lightest band allows beginners to start with all basic exercises and work their way up over time.

Dr. Jaquish, the developer of the X3 Bar, recommends 15-40 repetitions of each exercise. Choose the band that completely exhausts your muscles with one set of 15-40 repetitions. That will get you done in about 10 minutes a day. There are no heavy weights to drop, so the workout is very safe for home use.

Complete exhaustion of used muscles

Training gives your muscles a growth signal. The more you exhaust your muscles, the bigger that growth signal will be. With the X3 Bar you can quickly give a strong growth signal when you continue to complete exhaustion.

High resistance with less strain on joints

The bands provide a resistance that the joints can easily bear. The resistance is only high when the joint is in the best position to bear the load. You thus train your muscles in a way that puts less strain on your joints.

Advantages of variable resistance training

How heavy a strength training exercise is, changes during the movement. The exercise is lighter in the starting position and heavier in the end position. It is difficult to find a fixed weight that fully trains your muscles throughout the movement.

Variable resistance training often uses elastic bands. The resistance of the elastic is greater the more you stretch it. This allows you to create resistance that matches the force you can provide during the exercise.

Components of the X3 Bar Elite set

  • One steel base plate
  • One steel bar
  • 4 bands with different resistance levels
    • Extra light (white)
    • Light (light grey)
    • Medium (dark grey)
    • Heavy (black)

Extra parts

If something happens to your X3 Bands, or if you just want one extra, you can also get the X3 Bands separately. You can use the X3 Carrying Case to store all the X3 Bar Elite parts neatly and compactly. Or to take everything with you when you travel.

Compact training set of high quality materials

With the X3 Bar you can move a relatively large amount of weight. The parts are designed for this purpose and made of high quality solid materials.

Multilayer latex resistance bands

The bands are made of layered latex and have an expected life span of 7 years. They may get a frayed appearance from use, but this does not deteriorate their performance. The X3 Bar bands provide 30% more resistance than other layered latex bands.

Steel handle and base plate

The handle with hooks (the bar) and the base plate are steel. The bar is not a hollow tube, but a solid rod that can withstand the forces of the heaviest exercise band. The plate protects the ankles when the band is on the ground for the exercise.

We are not allowed to sell the X3 Bar to Norway, Sweden, Finland, nor Denmark due to exclusive reseller rights in those countries.


Free online 12 weeks beginner video training programme

A free video training programme for beginners is available online at the X3 bar website. You can find video explanations for basic exercises and a 12-week programme here.

Made in the United States.

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