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Biological Age Test Kit

Do Not Age Biological Age Test Kit determines your biological age based on epigenetic properties (Horvath clock). Also tests for genetic properties relevant to ageing. Complete home test of your saliva.

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Do Not Age Biological Age Test Kit

  • Determine how old your body is
    • Biological Age
    • Memory age
    • Hearing age
    • Eye age
    • Inflammation score
  • Test epigenetic properties that estimate biological age
  • Tests a number of genetic variants involved in ageing
  • Home test; all included

Biological vs chronological age

You can express your age in different ways. By default, you use your chronological age: how many years you have lived since you were born. Another measure is the biological age: how old your body appears to be. Here you compare your body with a large group of healthy people.

If slowing down the ageing process (anti-aging) is important to you, you will want to keep your body as young as possible as you get older. So you want to maintain a low biological age while you age chronologically.

Epigenetic clock

One of the measurements of biological age is looking at your DNA. Not the information in the DNA (the sequence), but the information on the DNA (epigenetic information). Epigenetic information, such as DNA methylation, roughly tells you which genes are on or off. This changes in a predictable way as you get biologically older. Therefore, epigenetic changes can be used as an estimate for biological age.

How the test works

Do Not Age Biological Age Test Kit looks at epigenetic traits that estimate your biological age. They are also known as the 'Horvath clock', after the researcher who found them. The test is done with a sample of your saliva.

The test results

Do Not Age sends the following test results based on the epigenetic analysis:

  • biological age
  • memory age
  • hearing age
  • eyes age
  • inflammation score

You will also receive the results of a number of genetic analyses that look at your DNA sequence, including:

  • vitamin deficiencies
  • immunity
  • gut health
  • muscle health
  • mental health
  • sleep
  • stress

It may take up to 12 weeks before you receive the test results.

About Do Not Age

Do Not Age makes supplements and products for people who want to slow down ageing (anti-aging). Do Not Age supplements are selected on the basis of scientific research, extremely pure and reasonably priced.


Follow the instructions in the test kit.

Store dry, cool, away from light and outside of reach of young children.

Made in the United Kingdom.

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