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SP21 Aircall

Comosystems SP21 Aircall headset with 99% reduced EMF emission. Cable protected against EMF emission. Hollow tubes transport sound to the earpieces. Available in white and black.

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Comosystems SP21 Aircall

Headset with 99% reduced EMF emission

Less EMF emissions close to the brain

Normal headsets contain magnets in the earpieces' small speakers, which emit an electromagnetic field. The SP21 Aircall headset speakers are placed further away from the head. The music comes from two sound chambers and travels through hollow tubes to the earpieces.

No EMFs through electrical wires in the wire

A woven EMF shield made of copper wire protects the electrical wires inside the cable. As a result, no electromagnetic radiation gets outside the wire.

Prevents EMFs from your phone passing through your headset

The SP21 Aircall prevents EMFs from your device from passing through the cable to your earphones. The cable is 1.26 meters long, protects against EMFs and contains hollow tubes that do not transmit EMFs. These features reduce the release of EMFs by up to 99% compared to standard headsets.

Features of the SP21 Aircall

  • Ergonomic membranes for snug fit of the earphones
  • Microphone and volume buttons built into the cable
  • Headset clip included to mount at desired height
  • Straight headset plug fits laptops and smartphones
  • Spare membranes included
  • Available in two colours: black and white


Do not wrap the headset around the device while it is plugged in. This may cause wire breaks.

The SP21 Aircall does not prevent the smartphone from emitting EMFs. Use the MP24 Easycall to compensate for this.

Made in France.

Comosystems, S.L.
Reyes Catolicos, 31, 2°
03003 Alicante