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TR26 Traveller

Comosystems CMO TR26 Traveller compensates for artificial EMFs in your environment. Works for Wi-Fi, bluetooth and electrical networks, among others. Portable as a key ring. For 3 m².

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Comosystems CMO TR26 Traveller

Use a CMO when exposed to EMFs

CMO stands for Magnetic Compensation Oscillator. A CMO reacts to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). A CMO itself produces a weak electromagnetic field when exposed to artificial EMFs.

Comosystems CMO technology

Comosystems makes CMOs by dissolving ions in water. This solution is exposed to electromagnetic fields and has a 'memory' of them. This ion solution is protected by a sturdy aluminium housing.

Passive protection

The CMO creates an electromagnetic field by exposure to an electromagnetic field. This is a property of the ion solution and does not require a source of energy. The CMO will also not 'run out'.

No interference with electronics

The CMO signal is very weak compared to other artificial electromagnetic fields emitted by electronics. So the CMO will not disturb electrical devices.

TR26 Traveller: Portable CMO for on the go

The TR26 Traveller is a portable, personal CMO for outdoors and on the move.

  • Shape: coin with keychain hook
  • Weight: 34 g
  • Thickness: 9 mm
  • Diameter: 45 mm
  • Effective area: 3 m²

Types of EMFs to which the TR26 Traveller reacts

The TR26 Traveller compensates for the effects of:

  • Wi-Fi
  • WiMAX
  • Bluetooth
  • DECT wired telephones
  • relay antennas
  • satellite communications
  • electrical networks from low to very high voltage
  • geo-biological disturbances
  • microwave ovens
  • low consumption light bulbs smart meters
  • CPL (Carrying Currents Online)
  • transport (car, plane and train)

Other CMOs for personal or specific purposes

Each CMO compensates for specific types of EMFs and has its own area of operation. Combine personal and specific CMOs for the most complete compensation.



Wear the TR26 Traveller as close to your body as possible.

  • On a belt loop
  • As a key ring
  • As a chain pendant
  • In your pocket

Do not expose the CMO to temperatures above 60°C or prolonged direct sunlight. This may interfere with the ion solution and reduce the CMO's effectiveness.


The CMO is effective for at least 2 years. The manufacturer expects the CMO to remain effective for a long time thereafter, but has not yet been able to confirm this.

Made in France.

Comosystems, S.L.
Reyes Catolicos, 31, 2°
03003 Alicante