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Head Strong

Dave Asprey shows in Head Strong how to biohack your way to a sharper, smarter, faster, more resilient brain.

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Dave Asprey is the author of the bestselling The Bulletproof Diet. In Head Strong he presents a revolutionary plan to upgrade your brainpower&mdashin two weeks or less.

It is a fairly technical book for the enthusiast who is interested in the background of mitochondria, neurons and chronic inflammation. You can, however, just focus on reading the recommendations in Part II and III.

The book is in English.

Head Strong table of contents

PART I. It’s All In Your Head
1. Head Start
2. Mighty Mitochondria
3. Become A Neuromaster: Own Your Neurons
4. Inflammation: The Muffin Top in your Brain

PART II. You Are In Control of your Head
5. Brain Fuel
6. Brain-Inhibiting Foods
7. Avoid Toxins and Improve Your Body’s Detox Systems
8. Your Brain on Light, Air, and Cold
9. Sleep Harder, Meditate Faster, Exercise Less

PART III. The Two-Week Head Strong Program
10. Eat to Fuel Your Brain
11. Head Strong Lifestyle
12. Head Strong Supplements
13. Beyond the Limits

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