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B Strong Training System

B Strong Training System with 2 pairs of inflatable blood flow restriction bands, a hand pump and a carrying bag. For short, safe and effective training with low resistances or weights. Choice of 4 band combinations.

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B Strong Training System

Before ordering, please take a good look at this product page and the information on the B Strong website about use and safety.

Who is blood flow restriction training interesting for?

Everyone can apply blood flow restriction during training. It is particularly interesting when you:

  • have little time for long workouts.
  • are recovering from an injury.
  • have difficulty moving or doing other types of training.
  • want to see more effect from your training.

What is blood flow restriction?

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training means training while your limbs receive less blood. Oxygen and fuel are then quickly depleted and the muscles become exhausted sooner. With the right tools you can safely do BFR training.

Safely train muscles to full exhaustion

Muscles grow best after a workout in which they are fully exhausted. Normally, this is only possible with very high resistance, such as heavy weights. These are not always safe to use and are hard on the joints.

With BFR training your muscles are already exhausted with a low resistance and you put less strain on your joints. This means that everyone, young and old, can train to complete exhaustion.

Fast recovery and effect on the whole body

You restrict blood flow only in the arms and legs. The complete exhaustion of the limbs creates a body-wide growth signal. All trained muscles receive that signal, such as the back and chest.

Little muscle damage, complete exhaustion, fast recovery

High-resistance training damages the muscles. After training, the muscle must first recover before they can grow.

With BFR training you use a lower resistance and cause less muscle damage. Fatigue, however, gives a growth signal. The muscle has to recover less and can start growing sooner.

B Strong Blood Flow Restriction Training System

The B Strong Training System comes in a bundle with:

  • 2 pairs of straps (choice of 4 sizes / sets)
  • a hand pump with pressure gauge
  • a solid storage bag
  • a license for the B Strong Guidance app

With this package you can start immediately with BFR training.

Safe and effective restriction of blood flow

B Strong bands help you to apply BFR training safely. The bands are inflatable and thus provide a pressure that is suitable for you. The band gives way when you tighten the muscles, so that the blood vessels are never accidentally closed too far.

Other (cheaper) BFR systems work with rigid straps which don't give or pinch off too much. Such systems are less safe for unaccompanied use.

No trainer needed: guidance through the app

The BFR bands come with a license for the B Strong Guidance App. The app provides instructions for safe use and exercises to get you started. You can track your progress and get tailored advice for longer use.

Can be fitted into most types of training

The bands do not restrict your movement and can also be used in the water. B Strong recommends to use the bands first with basic exercises. Once you are familiar with the effects, you can use the bands for more exercises.

High quality, solid materials with one year warranty

The bands are designed for heavy, regular use. The velcro tape can withstand at least 10,000 cycles. You have a one-year warranty on the bands and pump.


Before ordering, please take a good look at this product page and the information on the B Strong website about use and safety.

Determine your band sizes

Measure the size of your arms above the bicep and below the deltoid. Measure the size of your legs while sitting high on your thigh.

Use the table below or the figure with the dimension chart to choose the right band size.

Limb girth Band size
18 - 28 cm Size 1: green (18 - 31 cm)
28,5 - 41 cm Size 2: red (31 - 45 cm)
41,5 - 56 cm Size 3: blue (45 - 60 cm)
56,5 - 73,5 cm Size 4: yellow (60 - 79 cm)

Choose the set of straps that fits your arm and leg circumference from the available options:

  • 2 bands size 1 (green) / 2 bands size 3 (blue)
  • 2 bands size 2 (red) / 2 bands size 3 (blue)
  • 2 bands size 2 (red) / 2 bands size 4 (yellow)
  • 2 bands size 3 (blue) / 2 bands size 4 (yellow)

Equipping and inflating the bands

This video demonstrates how to put on and inflate the B Strong bands.

Training with the B Strong Training System

Install the B Strong Guidance App. Follow the instructions of the app when using the bands and for the first exercises. You can find this information on the B Strong website.

Choose 3-5 exercises with resistance that allow you to do 3 sets of 15-30 repetitions. With this, the whole workout takes about 15-20 minutes.


  • Not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Do not use with:
    • Existing untreated deep vein thrombosis (DVT’s).
    • Any on-going medical emergency.
    • Belt placement on a limb with lymphedema or vascular access.
    • Untreated hypertension.
    • Sickle Cell Disease.
    • Any contraindication to regular exercise.
  • Please consult your doctor first if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you have any questions about the safety of Blood Flow Restriction training for your situation.

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