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Personal CO2 Meter

The Altos Personal CO2 Meter is a small, stylish air composition meter that gives you insight in relevant data about the air in your environment. Get a better grip on your physical and mental performance by understanding the air around you. Available in three colours.


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Altos Personal CO2 Meter

  • Portable, accurate CO2 meter
  • Know how air composition affects your performance
  • Receive smartphone notifications of air composition changes
  • Simple to use, easy to carry

Air affects your physical and cognitive performance

Air has a big influence on what you can do physically and mentally. You need enough oxygen for your brain and muscles. Additionally, the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) mustn't be too high. 600 ppm (parts per million) is healthy for humans. At higher concentrations of CO2, our performance decreases.

Ventilate indoors or go outside

You can quickly notice the decrease in performance in unventilated, closed indoor spaces. CO2 levels can rise quickly with several people in a space. Fortunately, opening a window or going outside quickly restores your energy and focus.

Altos gives you insight into air composition

A CO2 meter informs you about changes in the air. Then you can act and make adjustments if things go the wrong way. When that is not possible, you can adjust your performance expectations.

Track air composition values that matter

The Altos Personal CO2 Meter gives you various data about the air in your environment.

  • CO2 content in ppm (parts per million)
  • Air temperature
  • Humidity level
  • Noise in the environment

Via the Altos smartphone app you can view and track this data over time.

Please note: the Altos is not an air quality meter and does not provide information about airborne contaminants.

With more insight you can optimise your environment

Understanding the air around you helps you improve your work, sport and sleep. If poor ventilation is an obstacle to your ability to concentrate, Altos helps you to improve it quickly and easily. Altos also collects data while you sleep, which you can review the next morning to improve your sleep quality.

Portable, simple and beautiful personal gadget

The Altos Personal CO2 Meter is a small air composition meter that you can take with you anywhere. It is easy to keep with you thanks to its small size and the lanyard with double hook. The stylish, ribbed finish and three colour options make it an interesting gadget.

The battery lasts for 6 months after charging and the battery size is easy to read from the display.

Features of the Altos Personal CO2 Meter

  • Highly accurate, new generation of Sensair Optical Solid-State CO2 sensors
    • Accuracy: ±30 ppm ±3% of reading
  • Display for CO2 level and battery
  • View more data via the app for iOS and Android
    • CO2 level in ppm
    • Humidity level
    • Temperature level
    • Ambient noise level
  • Available in three colours: off-white, graphite, dark green

Included accessories:

  • USB charging cable
  • Lanyard
  • Double hook to attach lanyard


Place Altos nearby and turn it on. Altos now measures air composition. Use the smartphone app for iOS or Android to receive notifications and view the air composition.

Made in China.

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