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Alitura Moisturizer

Daily natural moisturizer created by model and biohacker Andy Hnilo. Super-foods and Skin Beautifying Oils. Size: 50 or 100 ml


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We ship to 32 countries

The development of Alitura Moisturizer

The Alitura Naturals skin care line was developed by Andy Hnilo. He is a biohacker, actor, and model. A few years ago he suffered a serious car accident. He stayed home to recover and had all the time to investigate all possibilities to hasten his recovery with nutrition. The knowledge he gained thereby is then applied to the development of his own skincare line.

His goal was a completely natural skin care using only the finest ingredients. Before that, he uses herbs, oils and butter from around the world. Many ingredients come for example from the Amazon. Every time he tested himself the effect of a specific ingredient on his skin. From his perspective ""as it works for me, why should it not work for others?"" He had to try the result by his friends and their friends. Their experiences he processed again in improvements to its skincare line. So it is truly a skincare line from a biohacker!

Andy Hnilo was interviewed by Dave Asprey on Bulletproof Radio about his car accident and how he recovered it. During the conversation came up that he had developed his own face and skin cream. After the broadcast, there was such a demand for his product that Dave Asprey has helped him bring his care products on the market.

Ingredients & Usage

The Alitura Moisturizer is a restorative and revitalising daily moisturiser. The Alitura Moisturizer is comprised of carefully selected, nutrient-rich super-food extracts and beautifying essential oils. Bringing together the best of nature and science, Andy selected the hive products of organically managed bees from the beautiful islands of Hawaii as they condition and heal the skin better than most botanicals. Andy has formulated a unique bioactive base that provides a therapeutic effect on your skin cells, healing damaged skin tissue as well as slowing the ageing process.

The Alitura Moisturizer uniquely blends organic botanicals like Sea Buckthorn and German Blue Chamomile with organic extracts like Wilelaiki raw honey and bee propolis that awaken your skin cells, refresh your complexion, and promote new cell growth.

95.4% Organic Super-foods and Skin Beautifying Oils:

  • Purified Hawaiian Water
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Organic Evening Primrose Oil
  • Organic Aloe Vera Juice
  • Raw Organic Wilelaiki (Christmas Berry) Honey
  • Organic Bee Propolis Extract
  • Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  • Organic Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Organic German Blue Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Organic Sea Buckthorn Essential Oil
  • Wildcrafted Calendula Essential Oil
  • Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil
  • Wildcrafted Vanilla Essential Oil
  • Royal Jelly

Bottled In Miron Glass- “Preserved by the bottle, not by Toxins""

  • Blocks Harmful x-rays
  • Only allows Infrared and Violet lights through which enhance the effects of the product
  • No toxic preservatives in the formulation
  • Durable glass that protects bio-energy

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