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What are nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements and food products that improve mental performance for a limited time. That’s why they are also known as smart drugs. Nootropics include many products, ranging from subscription drugs to herbal supplements. A commonly used nootropic is coffee, because of the stimulating effect of caffeine. The safest Nootropics use natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, herbal and plant extracts and amino acids. The trick is to select those ingredients that, based on scientific research, actually support the body, especially when a lot is asked of you mentally. Nootropics are popular amongst consultants, top athletes, gamers, business executives, etc. Anyone who is under high (work) pressure and can use support. Natural Nootropics are safe to use and legal.

Generally speaking, nootropics help you perform cognitive tasks better. They make you feel sharper and more creative whilst remaining clear in your mind. If you have never heard from nootropics, make sure to check out our table of contents below so you can easily find the information about nootropics you're looking for.

On this page we will cover:


How do nootropics work?

Nootropics are often used in combination with each other to enhance their individual effects. A carefully selected combination of nootropics is called a ‘stack’. Because of legislation very little may be said about individual nootropics, even though they are popular among biohackers trying to improve their mental performance. Nootropics are not miracle drugs. It is important that you take good care of your brain by eating healthy food, exercising a lot, relaxing enough and high quality sleep. If you have these things in order Nootropics can help you to deliver that extra good performance. Nootropics can be used for both short-term and long-term results. In our 'benefits' section we will discuss the most important benefits, such as memory improvement or energy improvement.

LiveHelfi aims to provide people with the tools to upgrade their physical and mental performance. That’s why you can always buy the best nootropics at LiveHelfi. We provide a selection of the best and most promising Nootropics which are recognized as effective by experts in the field.


Science Based

All products are safely produced following scientific research.

Natural Ingredients

We only offer nootropics that contain natural ingredients and are safe to use.

Proven Performance

There are many nootropics on the market. LiveHelfi provides only the ones with a proven track record.



Aging is the accumulation of damage and wear. The body as a whole works less well because of this damage. With the right anti-aging supplements you are able to nourish your cells, amplify your productivity and fuel long-term health.

Optimized sleep

High quality sleep is crucial for everybody. During your sleep your body repairs itself so that it is ready to perform the next day. With these nootropics, your body is able to recharge, restore and regenerate better night after night. An added bonus: increased dreaming clarity and vividness.

Cognitive support

Modern society demands a lot from our mental capabilities. high demanding jobs, sitting behind computers with a lot of stress. Nootropics for mental performance aim to improve energy levels, reduce tiredness and boost the immune system.

What is the best nootropic for Cognitive Support?

Generally speaking, the use of nootropics increases both physical and mental performance, which is also what LiveHelfi aims for. Neurohacker Collective has achieved great success with the introduction of Qualia Mind. It is the most researched stack natural ingredients that is available on the markt. It contains 28 ingredients! There is a version without Caffeine: Qualia Mind Caffeine Free.

Two well-known benefits of Qualia Mind are improved productivity and fuel focus. Other potential benefits of using Qualia Mind include:

  1. More energy: nootropics stimulate the brain and body as energy is produced more efficiently, blood flow is supported and resistance to stress is strengthened.
  2. Improved creativity: nootropics help to better concentrate on one task while ignoring events or things that are taking place.
  3. Sleep improvements: a good sleep pattern is generally directly related to great brain performance. Brain supplements optimize cognition and sleep.
  4. Enhanced mental clarity: improved memory and a clearer mind are a result of optimized performance-based memory functions of the body.
  5. Decreased procrastination: with a better focus and boosted motivation, one is able to procrastinate much less often.


“I've been happily taking Qualia Mind 5 days a week for around 3 years. I continue to notice great cognitive nimbleness, ease of access to creative flow and strong easy focus. I'm currently 49.”
- Scott S.
“I am really liking the way I feel taking Qualia, more energy, feeling stronger. A whole lot less brain fog. Looking forward to trying more Qualia products.”
- Sue W.
“Qualia Mind is easily the most important supplement I take daily. My consulting career requires an intense cognitive demand, and Qualia Mind has given me an edge and ease to deal with it. Very grateful!”
- Patrick F.

What is the best nootropic for anti-aging?

Anti-aging is a hot topic, but has been for a long time. Neurohacker Collective has produced Qualia Life with the aim of countering the effects of aging at the cellular level. The effectiveness of this product can be explained by covering two main categories:

  1. Vitamins and minerals: vitamin D, potassium, magnesium and vitamin K2. In many countries a large number of people have deficiencies for these components. Examples include a vitamin D deficiency among 98% of adults in Belgium, and a deficiency of vitamin K2 among 97% of people who are older.
  2. Herbs and adaptogens: creatine is an important ingredient of Qualia Life as it reduces oxidative damage an protects the human body's DNA. In addition, glycine is included as it serves as a very important building block of protein. Qualia Life is also made up of cacao seed extract, ursolic acid, calcium and more.

Benefits of using Qualia Life

  • The perks of calorie restriction and exercise in one dietary supplement
  • Rich of vitamins and minerals
  • 20+ herbs and adaptogens
  • A convenient way to cover your bases when it comes to taking care of your body
  • Enormous scientific backup from the Neurohacker formula


“I feel a joint of energy and health each time I take my Qualia. When I need to be on, at my best, cognitively nimble, I always take my morning Qualia. It's a game changer. Thanks for helping me get in the zone and be in flow.”
- Shenoah G.
“I felt a difference in my energy, mood and overall well being the first day I took Eternus. I love this product and sad the beta test was over. Highly recommend.”
- Michelle M.
“I feel great taking this sensational product, I'm not tired anymore and I feel great, thanks for everything!”
- Mauro G.

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