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Black Friday becomes Green Friday

We are aware that Black Friday has an impact on the environment. Large discounts lead to more orders. And all those orders have to be delivered again. Therefore we have decided to make our Black Friday actions more sustainable.

Black Friday becomes Green Friday!
During Green Friday (Friday to Monday) we compensate the CO2 emissions of all shipments.

How do we compensate?

For this we called in the help of the independent Dutch consultancy Groenbalans. Since 2007 this agency advises companies and governments about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and CO2 compensation.

Groenbalans calculated the CO2 emissions of our shipments. We offset these emissions with an investment in certified CO2 rights from a sustainable climate project.

An allowance is proof that a certain amount of renewable energy has been generated and/or a certain amount of CO2 has been reduced.

Stringent international regulations ensure that a project meets the set requirements. Independent, accredited parties conduct an annual audit of such a project. After approval, certification follows.

LiveHelfi invests in the CO2 rights of the Kariba Forest Protection Climate Project in Zimbabwe.

Why the Kariba project in Zimbabwe?

We realize that by shipping our orders we emit CO2 in Europe. However, in Europe there is already a huge amount invested in CO2 compensation projects.

CO2 emissions are a global problem. It is precisely the projects in less developed countries that have a lot of added value in terms of compensation.

By investing in the Kariba project, deforestation is prevented and the quality of the forest improves. It ensures the protection of a vast rainforest and numerous vulnerable and endangered species, including: the African elephant, lion, hippo, lappet-faced vulture and the southern ground hornbill.

It teaches the people how to make a living in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way while maintaining their own traditional lifestyle.

The Kariba project is fully certified to VERRA (Verified Carbon Standard), CCB (Climate, Community & Biodiversity) and REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation).

The proof of compensation
Groenbalans has given us a certificate to prove that we actually invest in the Kariba Project. You can download the certificate here.

Does this make us completely climate neutral?

Livehelfi is completely organized virtually. So, except for the shipments, our company has little impact on the environment.

We realize that there is still room for improvement in making the packaging materials, such as the filling material in the boxes, more environmentally friendly. We are discussing this with our distribution center. We hope to be able to take steps in this direction in 2022.

Who pays the compensation?
We consider it our own responsibility to make this contribution to making Black Friday more sustainable. So we are financing this from our own resources. For our customers, the Green Friday deals remain as attractive as ever!

The proof of compensation

Groen Balans issued us a certificate to show that we are actually investing in the Kariba project.