Natural Stacks



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LiveHelfi is an official reseller of Natural Stacks in Europe.

Natural Stacks was founded by former top athletes and nutrition and fitness experts. They produce pure and high quality natural dietary supplements and protein. Their mission is to provide products that improve your mental and physical performance while optimizing your overall health. They base their products on scientific research, which has been reviewed by other scientists (peer-reviewed).
Natural Stacks way of working is based on the triad of:

  1. They only use the best natural ingredients. All ingredients are traceable to the source. The Natural Stacks supplements are free from GMOs, artificial colour and flavours, and gluten.
  2. They are completely transparent about their product ingredients. They do not use any proprietary blends and disclose the exact amount of every single ingredient on their product labels.
  3. Natural Stacks works together with the Intertek laboratory to ensure the purity and potency of each ingredient after production. Interek is the most respected ISO / IEC and ANSI-accredited laboratory in the world.